Yaysayers Bus Update

 Yaysayers Bus-20080811-DSC_3423

Why are you looking at a toilet?  Well, that’s the toilet that will take L.A.’s version of the Velorucion to other cities.  In July I wrote about the effort to convert a gutted city bus into a touring bus to take large groups of LA cyclists to other cities.  That is a shot of the nearly completed bathroom in the bus.

Since July the group has successfully organized as Yaysayers LLC.  While rida Ms. Stephanie squared that away, Dan Burton of SMASH Architecture has been working to frame up and seal a bathroom for the bus.  The Bus has yet to be named, but when it is, I gurantee it will change the definition of whatever words comprise it’s name.  If it is called Leviathan, then Leviathan will come to mean horde of smelly joyous bikers.

When will the Yaysayers Bus be ready?  We don’t know yet, but you can bet when it is you will be among the first to know.

Here’s some more pics (Flickr set) I took when I’ve assisted Dan with construction on the bus recently:

Yaysayers Bus-20080811-DSC_3392

Yaysayers Bus-20080806-DSC_2901

Yaysayers Bus-20080806-DSC_2906

Yaysayers Bus-20080811-DSC_3413

(Dan Burton)

Yaysayers Bus-20080806-DSC_2905

(this derelict bike rack is in a ditch near the bus)

Yaysayers Bus-20080811-DSC_3422

Yaysayers Bus-20080806-DSC_2923

(one of our next challenges)

Yaysayers Bus-20080811-DSC_3435

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