Want Safer Streets in CD 15? Vote Pro-BikeTomorrow

CD 15 candidates who shared their bike-friendly ideas with Bikeside include (from left to right): Gordon Teuber, John Delgado, Justin Brimmer, Jayme Wilson, Joe Buscaino and Candice Graham. Photo by Enci Box, October 29th Watts Candidate Forum.

Bikeside asked candidates in the November 8, 2011 Special Council District 15 Election to take its bike friendliness survey and participate in the CicLAvia edition of Bikeside Speaks.

Of the eleven candidates on the CD 15 ballot, the following eight candidates engaged with Bikeside and committed to getting cycling on City Hall’s agenda, if elected to City Council:

Bikeside thanks these eight candidates for engaging the cycling community in the democratic process, and encourages CD 15 cyclists to support them in tomorrow’s Special CD 15 Election. Click HERE to find your polling place!

The other three candidates – Warren Furutani, Pat McOsker and Rudy Svorinich – did not complete Bikeside’s survey or participate in Bikeside Speaks.  Bikeside personally spoke with Furutani and McOsker about the survey, but the candidates did not follow through and complete it.  Neither did Svorinich after several conversations with his campaign staff over the course of two months.  Bikeside’s survey aims to measure candidates’ support for the five E’s of bike friendliness: engineering, encouragement, enforcement, education and evaluation.

Bikeside also introduced cycling and pedestrian policy questions at the October 2nd Candidate Forum hosted by Mayoral candidate Kevin James, the October 22nd LA Harbor College Candidate Forum and the October 29th Watts-Willowbrook Candidate Forum.

Bikeside’s participation in the oil-dominated politics of CD 15 marks the second time that cyclists have been actively engaged in an LA City Council race since Stephen Box’s Council District 4 race earlier this year.  In May 2011, nine of the sixteen candidates in the CA-36 Congressional District election responded to Bikeside’s Survey on Biking and Walking, including the major frontrunners Debra Bowen, Janice Hahn, Marcy Winograd and Mayor Mike Gin.

Readers: If there’s a Special CD 15 Runoff Election on January 17, 2012, and you’d like to flyer in support of the pro-walking and biking candidate(s), please contact Bikeside at Contact@BikesideLA.org

4 thoughts on “Want Safer Streets in CD 15? Vote Pro-BikeTomorrow

  1. Warren Furatani has supported the East Side Riders and even has bike advertisements rolling throughout the watts community.The Bike Advertisements will be rolling down Central ave in watts from 12 – 6 pm

  2. That’s great. Thanks for sharing. What’s Mr. Furutani’s vision for making CD 15 more bike friendly?

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