Venice Neighborhood Council Unanimously Approves Cyclists’ Bill of Rights!

On Tuesday, April 20, eight cyclists gathered at the Venice Neighborhood Council prepared to face the walls of questions and disagreements we had previously encountered only two weeks prior at the Venice Neighborhood Committee. However, in a surprise turn of events, all Council Members unanimously approved The Cyclists’ Bill of Rights!

Venice, California Neighborhood Council Logo
Venice, California Neighborhood Council Logo

As each cyclists arrived, Alex Thompson prepared them with pointers, significant pieces of information that would help the council identify with us not as a whole with a larger agenda, but as an individual fighting the lone battle for our rights.

As time wore on and we dove deeper into the Neighborhood Council Meeting, we kept each other alert and sound, the energy in the air was of excitement for the fight we knew we would be encountering. Approximately two hours and ten minutes into the meeting, President, Mike Newhouse, called a vote on the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights as long as everyone agreed it would pass. If not, then the bill would go back in the agenda and we would wait it out another forty-five minutes so that the cyclists’ may have the floor for public comment and the board would be able to attest.

It was unanimous! Bill passed! Special thanks to Kristopher Valentine and Linda Lucks for their positivity and help in bringing the bill to the floor. I look forward to working with them this summer as the Venice Neighborhood Council puts forth a Mobility Committee that I will be a part of in the hopes of making Venice streets safer!

And a HUGE Thank you to the cyclists’ who came out and supported the bill! Kristopher said that without all of us being there, the motion would not have been brought to the floor as it was and passed unanimously! This goes to prove that showing up is half the battle.

Sara Bond

Graduating from the University of the Arts in Writing for Film and Television, three thousand miles and seven years later, with a number of producing credits in the independent film industry and her first book publication of her poetry, she spends her time working on the publication of her sci-fi young adult novel while lending a hand in LA's ever growing cycling community. Sara likes riding her fixed gear.

7 thoughts on “Venice Neighborhood Council Unanimously Approves Cyclists’ Bill of Rights!

  1. This is great news, but what exactly does it mean? Will there be greater protection for bicyclists? Will there be an education campaign for drivers? I ride in Venice all the time. I just want to know what further protections this “Bill of Rights” gives me.

  2. In this instance, the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights has opened communication between us cyclists and the council members in Venice to start the Mobility Committee.

  3. Anson – yeah – just to follow up on what Sara said. This is one step in a journey of a thousand miles. What we’ve done here is got the VNC on the record in support of cyclists, opened discussion with them, and established a relationship with the VNC. As a result of visiting them to get the CBR endorsement, Sara is now involved with creating a mobility committee in Venice, and we had a number of conversations in which we set community leaders straight about the law.

  4. This is great for cyclists! With the recent addition of a car share vehicle, over on 6th & Rose, it is easy to continue to cycle and only use a car when you need to!

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