TUESDAY: Cyclists' Bill of Rights at Mar Vista Community Council

Shane, Storm The Bastille

(Shane Cox Quentin speaks to the LA City Council at Storm the Bastille)

Tomorrow the Mar Vista Community Council is considering endorsing the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights (CBR.)  Who wants to go and speak in support?  We’ll meet at Bikerowave at 6:15 and ride over to the meeting at about 6:30pm.  The Mar Vista Community Council meets at 7:00 pm at the Mar Vista Recreation Center Auditorium at 11430 Woodbine St (in the center of Mar Vista park.)  Since the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights is 16th on the agenda, I think you can probably come at 8pm and be ok.

We do need support.  When the CBR was in the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, the original motion to endorse was retracted, and another motion had to be made.  One member of the committee said that cyclists, though they have the legal right to the road, will “always lose on tonnage” and therefore should ride on the sidewalk.

Objections were also raised to Right #2 – Cyclists have the right to equal access to our public streets and to sufficient and significant road space. One objector suggested that we should replace that with “move the bike lane inside of the parking lane.”

Let’s make sure MVCC endorses the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights . . . UNANIMOUSLY!

Alex Thompson

Bikerowave co-founder, Cyclists' Bill of Rights co-author, President of Bikeside, and Math Phd. HULK SMASH straight from Michigan!

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