Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: “Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks”

By Mihai Peteu

“Riding a bike is like swimming with the sharks.  Sooner or later you’ll get bitten. Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks.”

You’re a great man to look up to, Rob Ford. Your transportation plan is quite visionary.  Maybe one day your kids can be chubby like you and lead a high-cholesterol, “independent”, motorized lifestyle.

And is Rob Ford (aka BLOB Ford) related to Rush Limbaugh?  Both seems to share certain physical features and the idiocy gene.  Well, we may never know for sure, but there’s a slight chance that he is a Big Oil and Car Lobby Puppet.

Rob and Rush - separated at birth?

Rob and Rush - separated at birth?

And now he is the mayor of Toronto.  How embarrassing. At least some residents seem to be fully aware of what’s going on and suggest staging anti-Ford street perfomances.

But seriously though, have people in urban areas given up on voting nowadays?

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5 Responses to “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: “Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks””

  1. His transportation ideals are lacking. But his city hall clean up views are what seemed to have gotten into office. I believe that most of the population sided with him because they don’t use the alternate forms of transportation and could care less. Maybe he is just personable, maybe he has charisma. But Toronto without public transit is going to be hell to get around. Only time will tell. I know not to judge a book by its cover, but. This guy really looks like a puppet, just like the primeminister.

  2. In Toronto, no less – a city to which LA could aspire. Just another indication that change won’t come from the top down, but rather the bottom up. We get the leaders we deserve. And if they’re less-than-visionary, we can point to our own failure to imagine a better and brighter future.

  3. You know what dude? I’m a cyclist. It’s my sole form of transportation. And, I’m overweight. So fuck you for debasing our fellow cyclists and their arguments by making superficial weight jokes about this guy and not focussing on his policies. You may be a decathlete but you’re still a total asshole.

  4. +1 Kyle P Feelley
    Skinny = right
    Fat = wrong


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