The top 11 Things I want to do at CicLAvia

CicLAvia is Sunday.  The organizers of the event capitalized on a setback (“if you push a negative hard enough it becomes a positive” paraphrase of Saul Alinsky) and rescheduled the event for the numerically alliterative date of 10/10/10.  Apart from the obvious conclusion that they will be forced to organize events for 11/11/11, 12/12/12, 20/20/2020 (?!) and retroactively for 1/1/1, this means that 7 miles of streets will be closed to motor vehicle traffic on Sunday.

That’s amazing, and I hope that CicLAvia will follow this event with another event and another event and another event.

Joe Linto did 10 posts of top ten lists on CicLAvia.  So, in honor of that excellent blogging effort, here’s an eleventh post of eleven things I want to do at CicLAvia on 10/10/10:

Numero Uno – Take your picture

I’m going to be out there with my camera long lensing people during the day, and I want to get a shot of you.  If you see me, do something memorable, and I’ll steal your soul with a photo, and print it up and hang it in my creepy basement photo temple, or alternatively, publish it on Facebook.  Seriously, I’m thinking these are gonna be historical moments, and I’d love to have some historical photos.

Numero Dos – Ride with the Kidz Ryde

The CicLAvia Kids ride meets at 10 am at the Bike Kitchen (Melrose & Heliotrope) and also at Hollenbeck Park (415 S. St Louis St.), and then leaves at 10:30 am.  I’m going to be late, since I have a prior engagement at 10, but I’m going to try to catch them at 7th & Figueroa at 11am, or at their ultimate destination of McArthur Park.  You can get more info here.

Numero Tres – Eat a burrito (or seven)

Dude, if I’m in East Hollywood, on a bike, I’m gonna do my damnedest to get a Jack’s Burrito (vegan, full of jackfruit) at Pure Luck.  You can sing the praises of Scoops all you like, and they’re damn good, but Pure Luck has my mouth watering.

Numero Quatro – Go wingsuit base jumping on skis

Look, someone needs to make wingsuit base jumping happening in LA.  It may as well be on CicLAvia, and it may as well be on skis.  Sunday?  Who’s in?

Numero Cinco – Sidewalk chalk belongs on the street

My favorite group ride ever I passed out 162 sticks of sidewalk chalk and we covered a gigantic parking lot with garish sidewalk chalk art.  I don’t have that much sidewalk chalk on me these days, but if I can find the Kids Ride, I know who I’m going to empower to beautify LA’s streets.

Numero Seis – Futbol!

I tell you what, I’ve been looking to kick around a soccer ball in LA’s streets for a long time.  You just can’t though – if you don’t leave every little street clear at all times for that car that might come along every 90 seconds or so.  So with the streets closed, I may just throw some sneaks in my messenger bag so I can join in any pick up soccer, and bend it like … Roberto Carlos:

Numero Ocho – Run

I doubt I’m going to be able to make this one happen, but I would love to run the route.  There’s something special about running in the middle of the street.  As a competitive runner, I love when a race gets to run a closed course, but when that happens I’m racing.  It would be great to run on a closed course without having to race so hard my lunch comes up – a nice relaxed run down broad boulevards.  If I can find a way, I’ll do it.  Otherwise, I guess I have to leave it for the next CicLAvia.

Numero Nueve – Ride Blue Hulk

Ride my bike!  That’s the number one plan.  It almost goes without saying, but I definitely look forward to riding BLUE HULK, my Surly Traveler’s Check, along the course.

Numero Diez – Relax

Isn’t this the number one imperative on any weekend?  I’m gonna work diligently to relax as hard as possible.

Numero Once – Capoeira

This is a hard one to spell but if you’re a fan of martial arts, then you know what this is.  It’s the Brazilian martial art that is as much dance as fight, and some say the origin of many break dancing moves.  CicLAvia reports there will be a Capoeira meet-up and demo – meeting at both ends of the route at 10 am and converging to meet up at 12noon near the Leavitt Pavillion at MacArthur Park.  I’ve no skill at the art, but I’m gonna try to get some good photos.

I’ll see y’all there!

Alex Thompson

Bikerowave co-founder, Cyclists' Bill of Rights co-author, President of Bikeside, and Math Phd. HULK SMASH straight from Michigan!

7 thoughts on “The top 11 Things I want to do at CicLAvia

  1. Ooh, ooh! Take my picture! I’ll be at the MidDay Ridazz family/kids ride. Then maybe playing dodge ball–then joining you for about 7 burritos. I won’t charge you too much for a photo of me.

    Jimmy Lizama, all around great guy, and co-founder of the Bike Kitchen is a big capoiera-ista, so he’s putting the word out to get his fellow capoiera-istas out there. They’ll be marching around the route and stopping at various intersections to do some matches.

  2. Great post, Dr. Thompson… I wanna watch (from the ground) if anyone does that basejumping!

    Thanks for homaging the 10-10-10 format (which it seemed like nobody was paying attention to… I shudder to think how much time it’s gonna take for me to blog 2-20-20 (?) or even 12-12-12 – those top ten posts take time! It’s like 10 articles each time…

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