Thank you volunteers, candidates and illustrious helpers at Bikeside Speaks!

Bikeside Speaks was a great success.  We had tons of speakers, from Mayoral candidates Kevin James, and Austin Beutner, to CD 15 candidates Candice Graham, Gordon Teuber, Justin Brimmer and John Delgado.  And 1 of 2 candidates for City Controller: Cary Brazeman.  We had notables like Don Ward and Glenn Bailey.  And we were surprised and thrilled when Councilman Jose Huizar stopped to listen, and then took to the stage and gave a 3 minute impromptu speech on the virtues of bikes.

So our first thanks goes to CicLAvia – the event and organization that made it all possible.  Thank you for creating a new place in Los Angeles – 10 miles of city streets that didn’t know they belonged together – that drew tens of thousands of cyclists together.  Thanks especially Aaron Paley, Joe Linton, and Rachel Burke, as well as Romel Pascual, Ben Flores and Aram Sahakian.

Heidi Sickler – my biggest thanks.  Heidi dedicated herself to this project for weeks, making a project well outside Bikeside’s capabilities a reality with her hard work.

Thanks to Tom Forsyth, the dedicated bicycle attorney who represents wronged and injured cyclists, for supporting Bikeside’s effort to get the candidates excited about cycling.  You can check him out at!

Thanks to GEK Law, aka Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein LLP (more partners guys!)  GEK Law has served cyclists excellently as personal injury attorneys for decades.

Thanks to all of the individual donors who made this possible.

Thanks to LAPD for being gracious hosts and letting us do soapbox advocacy on their sidewalk.  Thank you Officer Kievit and

Thanks to Bikerowave for handling an enormous volume of flat tires, low tires, busted bikes, and bike valeting hundreds of bikes.  This means you Molly, Joe, JD, Richard, Apollo, Gav, Enzo, Deborah . . . and yes, last but not least, the Montana Man, Steve Mattson.

Thanks to Ron Durgin for representing Sustainable Streets with Bikeside at our booth.

Thanks to all the candidates, and their hard working staff and beautiful families: Austin Beutner, Candice Graham, Cary Brazeman, Gordon Teuber, John DelgadoJose Huizar, Justin Brimmer, and Kevin James!

Thank you to Fortnight Coffee – Peter Carvalho Molignano, Logan O’Brien, and friends – for keeping everyone maximally caffeinated.

And thank you of course to all the Bikesiders who made it happen.  Stephen Box, Jeremy Grant, Enci Box, Sara Bond, and Mihai!  Volunteers – Max, Jenni, Thai, Dylan, Julia, Kevin and Ivan!  And thank you Jose Sigala, for your excellent work with Heidi, Kevin, and the candidates.

Thank you Occupy LA, Don Ward, Glenn Bailey and Noel Weiss for joining us on stage.  And thanks to Matthew Deters for fabricating excellent signs and stands.  Gracias to Chuck Ray of the Mar Vista Community Council for connecting Bikeside with Austin Beutner’s campaign.  And to Mike Chamness for shirts, and the Real Ridazz for personality.

If there’s anyone I missed – thank you too!  We look forward to doing this again.


Alex Thompson

Edit: foolish AT – I accidentally left out Cary Brazeman in the original version of this post.

Alex Thompson

Bikerowave co-founder, Cyclists' Bill of Rights co-author, President of Bikeside, and Math Phd. HULK SMASH straight from Michigan!

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  1. And many thanks to you, Dr. Thompson, for your leadership, vision, commitment and courage to make this event a reality! You rock! Looking forward to the next Bikeside Speaks! :)

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