Spook leaves

My friend, and the friend of many Ridazz, Spook (aka Kyle Hertler), left two days ago.  He was recalled to active duty in the Army, and reported to Fort Benning on August 31st.


(photo by Studiodrome)

Spook is a founding member of the Los Angelopes, and he pushed the freak bike craze waaay far.  He made mad contributions to the ibikeu Wiki, and he volunteered at Bikerowave.  Generally Spook kicks ass, and he has a natural charisma.  I  think it comes from his authenticity – he’s always genuine, honest, and present.  Whatever it’s source, it guaranteed that he could coast to notability in the bike culture.  Instead, he voraciously involved himself in all the awesome that is the last 2 years of the bike scene in LA, and leaves the scene an icon of LA bike culture.

The FUNdex of LA just dropped precipitiously.  I can’t wait till you get back Spook!

To give Spook a proper send off, we took photos of his friends wearing his trademark skull facemask.  Check em out (Flickr), and be sure to leave a message in the comments for Spook:

Spook Project-20080725-DSC_0562

Above: AT, Paul, Andrea, Franz and Katie at Venice Critical Mass.  Below, Paul, Franz, and Alex C at the same ride:

Spook Project-20080725-DSC_0537

Jannatha, Spook’s fiance:

Spook Project-20080828-DSC_4175

A beautiful photo by Gary Se7en, of Sam “ideasculptor”, and his two huskies, featuring Spook masks:

Sam & Huskies

Stilline, fellow tall bike rider:

Spook Project-20080814-DSC_3542

Fellow Cubs – Eric and Gary:

Spook Project-20080814-DSC_3469

Some BMX kids who were down to wear the masks.  They kept the masks!  More Spooks!

Spook Project-20080726-DSC_1123

Spook and Eric!

Spook Project-20080816-DSC_3763

Alex Thompson

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