Santa Monica case updates, upcoming City Council meeting

A couple of updates on how justice is being served in two unrelated Santa Monica traffic incidents.

Cathy Jean Jones struck a young woman in a crosswalk at Main and Pacific in February 2010, then tried to evade police.

From Danny Jimenez:

At the preliminary hearing on October 12 2010, the judge held there was sufficient evidence for the case to be heard before a jury. After a few continuances and postponements, Cathy Jean Jones pleaded No Contest on July 19th, 2011. Judge James Dabney sentenced her to two days county jail, but given two days credit for time served. She was also ordered to complete 180 days of community service, with permission to perform at a non profit organization approved by the LA County Probation Dept. She was placed on 5 years summary probation and ordered to pay court fines and make full restitution to the victim. Finally, she was ordered NOT to drive a motor vehicle. However, it does not say how long the driving restriction will last.

The restitution hearing is scheduled for January 5, 2012 in Department F at the LAX Courthouse.

In the Jeffrey Ray Adams case, District Attorney Steve Cooley decided to uphold the Misdemeanor charge.

The victim expressed frustration that his situation was not dire enough to merit Felony charges, even after his assault was caught on camera. BikingInLA explains that although the behaviour of the driver was outrageous, he is still not considered dangerous enough to warrant a Felony charge under California law. Rather sad that we have to be dismembered, left in a comatose state, or killed in order to elevate assaults with deadly vehicular weapons to a Felony status.

Tuesday evening, bike boxes on Ocean Park, downtown bikeways, and incorporating bike facilities into the future light rail station locations will be discussed at Santa Monica City Council. From Richard McKinnon, SM Parks and Recreation Comission:

First on the consent calendar is an item approving Alta design to design Santa
Monica’s first Bike Boxes at the Ocean Park Blvd and Main intersection and
at Michigan and Lincoln. The work is funded from a 2007 metro grant.

Second, the Council will consider circulation in the downtown area. In a great
staff, bikes are mentioned right through the document. The discussion will be a
chance to be heard about how bikes will be used in our central downtown

3D rendering of a bike box
3D rendering of a bike box

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