Shawn Patrick Fields Kills a Seventeen Year Old While Driving Drunk

A teenager was killed by Shawn Patrick Fields last Friday. Daniel Marin was riding back home that night and was violently struck by Shawn’s vehicle. Daniel was later declared dead from his injuries.

According to the Los Angeles Times,

“(Shawn Fields’s car) threw the boy and his bike across the intersection”.

LA Times readers’ comments on that short article are quite representative of the lack of compassion and common sense in this town. Heartless motorists at their finest.

Shawn Fields posted the 10% required out of the $100,000 bail and was out by the next day, before a full 15 hours elapsed.

His next court date is on Wednesday, October 27th, 8:30am at the San Fernando Courthouse (900 Third St, San Fernando, CA).

If you ride a bike and you are not there, packing that courthouse, then you must not care enough for your own life. Sticking your head in the sand will not save you. Daniel was one of us, and your ass could be next.

Skip work and go there to raise hell, protest, whatever. My life is more important than my job, so I know where I’ll that morning.

We lost a young soul on the night of October 1st. Sincere condoleances to all those that knew Daniel.
Show your support for Daniel’s family and friends – come out to the Funky Friday ride at 5:00pm Oct 15th, at United Threads in San Fernando.
Daniel Marin 1993-2010

Mihai Peteu

Software Developer, Bike Safety Instructor, Amateur triathlete

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  1. Funky Friday on 15 will be in memory of Daniel Marin who was killed by drunk driver while riding his bike on Oct 2. He came up with the bike ride and the name Funky Friday. He would had loved for you to show up. He was pretty excited about the ride. Peace, b safe and keep on riding.

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