Ride: ROB04040444TZ! Saturday, November 15th, 2008

KNITTENS, the ride organizer who is shrouded in mystery, sent me this flyer for ROB044044044TZ (Facebook listing), which will start from CRANK MOB PARK at Venice & Canfield in Culver City at 8pm.  No beach cruisers allowed.  Expect 25 brisk miles ending in whereabouts that would make your mother cringe, and another 10 miles to return to the start.  102% chance of F.U.N.:

ROB040404404TZ, Satuday, November 15th, 2008 by you.

Last month’s ROB0303303TZ saw a blizzard of bizarre.  A group shot at an Albertsons at the edge of South LA:

ROB0303303TZ Group Photo

Shortly after we did some laps on a local track.  Riding around a running track is an amazing experience – it’s super fast and smooth so you just get into a zone and hustle (photo by hatehills):

Robotz8 by hatehills.

We visted ROBOTZ Park (the historic Leimert Park) for a little while, but a homeless man made it funner to move than stay by yelling, spitting, and threatening violence:

Scary Shues, ROB0303303TZ

Pictured above, Shues, who celebrated his birthday on the ride, the second ROBOT to do so (CHLOBOTZ = first.)  Jonnyboy brought cupcakes for him (photo by hatehills):

Robotz2 by hatehills.

At one point Undercover Bob showed us this decommissioned DC-8 in Exposition Park:

Plane ROB0303303TZ

For those in the scene, the energetic blur in the foreground is Tallcans4tallbikes, a leader of copious valley rides, and ROBOT to the core. For me, one of the highlights of the ride was the 50 odd ROBOTZ touring the LA Convention Center, super quiet ninja style.  Only the sound of ratcheting cassettes could be heard (photo by hatehills):

Robotz18 by hatehills.

The birthday boy loved it (photo by hatehills):

Robotz01 by hatehills.

We finished the ride with two dance parties – one on USC’s campus and another in an underground parking structure. ROBOTZ clothes (tin foil) was in full effect (photo by hatehills):

The night ended with some shenanigans with the California State Police who patrol Exposition Park at night.  Basically we were detained, guns pulled,  and searched, for over 90 minutes because we used sidewalk chalk in the parking structure.  In the end, after all that, one young woman three weeks from adulthood was issued a curfew citation, and the rest of us got off scot free – minus our dignity.  I’m writing a letter to Crayola to ask them to pull sidewalk chalk from their shelves – it’s a dangerous product!  CRANK MOB photo by GarySe7en:

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