Chambliss: Engage Neighborhood Councils to Create Safer Streets

CD 15 Candidate Rebecca Chambliss.

“There are virtually no bike lanes on any streets in CD 15,” wrote Rebecca Chambliss, a realtor running for Council District 15.  “Many of the streets are narrow and it’s rare to see bikes on other than the main streets,” Chambliss noted in Bikeside’s survey.  As a cyclist who rides once a week, Chambliss says that the best part of her bike rides is “the freedom, the exercise and seeing things from a different point of view.”  Acknowledging the prevailing car culture in CD 15, Chambliss says the worst part about biking is “the traffic and the cars that don’t see or stop.”

San Pedro’s Paseo Del Mar is often recognized as the most bike-friendly area in CD 15.  Chambliss sees Paseo Del Mar’s bike lane and walk way as an example of what can be cultivated in other CD 15 areas with the support of local communities.  As part of her strategy to install bike lanes, Chambliss would “get some very local input as to where in CD 15 we could safely add bike lanes.” This includes the neighborhood councils, who “have direct access with and feedback from the people who live in the community and I believe they should have input,” wrote Chambliss.

Bikeside also asked Chambliss what she would do to ensure that the City of LA coordinates with Carson, Compton, Torrance, LA County and other adjoining jurisdictions to improve regional bike linkages. “I think it’s been started with education, laws against those harassing bikers and working to add more bike lanes.  I think there also needs to be areas for bikes to be kept in transportation hubs and attractions,” suggested Chambliss.  As a Councilmember, Chambliss says she’ll direct LADOT to install the Bike Plan’s Backbone Bikeways Network in CD 15, which includes bike improvements on Vermont Avenue, the Pacific Coast Highway, Anaheim Street, Gaffey Street, Del Amo Boulevard, Imperial Highway and Manchester Avenue.

Some of the Backbone’s arterial streets have 35 to 40 mile per hour speed limits, which are hazardous to cyclists and pedestrians.  Chambliss thinks that “setting speed limits in the top end of traffic and only having to review it every 10 years probably isn’t adequate with the increase in cars and bikes on the road.”  Instead, she’d like to see Caltrans’ methodology for setting speed limits give greater consideration to those who use the road and the surrounding communities.  She’s also supportive of allocating more resources to LAPD for bicycle safety and traffic enforcement.

Chambliss was the first CD 15 candidate to answer Bikeside’s survey on biking and walking.  She also joined Bikeside at the October 9th CicLAvia and spoke with Bikeside at the October 22nd LA Harbor College candidate forum.  Bikeside works closely with neighborhood councils to create bike-friendly communities and looks forward to collaborating with Chambliss on safe streets initiatives!

Readers: Join Bikeside to flyer on behalf of the pro-walking and biking candidates of CD 15!  For more information, please contact Bikeside at  If you’re a cyclist who lives in Council District 15, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 8th! Click HERE to find your polling place!


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