Meet Gordon Teuber this Sunday at CicLAvia!

“The best part of riding is spending quality time with my 5 year old and wife. We enjoy riding close to the ocean in San Pedro.”

Gordon Teuber kicks off his campaign in art deco style!
Gordon Teuber kicks off his campaign in art deco style!

So said Gordon Teuber in response to Bikeside’s recent survey of Council District 15 (CD15) candidates.  Gordon didn’t just leave it at that though, he continued:

“The worst part is worrying about safety with vehicles.”

I hear that – isn’t that what we all worry about?  Bike parking, showering at work, and sunscreen concerns aside, the core worry is tangling with vehicles where cyclists are outmatched.  Later in Bikeside’s survey Gordon agreed that LAPD needs more resources to enforce the CVC to keep cyclists safe.

You can meet Gordon Teuber at CicLAvia by swinging Bikeside Speaks (RSVP on Facebook!) – Bikeside’s gathering of political muscle outside LAPD HQ and City Hall at 1st and Spring.  We’ll be there from 11am to 2pm, conversing with political leadership, imbibing Fortnight Coffee, talking with LAPD officers, all while Bikerowave tunes up bikes.

Teuber is running in the special election to replace Janice Hahn, who resigned from LA City Council this summer to take her seat in Congress.

Teuber’s responses to Bikeside’s survey are a mix of first hand knowledge and qualified support.  He’s not afraid to admit he’s not informed on a subject.  For example, when asked which components of LA’s 2010 Bike Plan are most important, Teuber responded “To be perfectly honest, I have not thoroughly reviewed the 2010 Plan.”  But asked about the specific facilities proposed on the Backbone in CD15, Teuber responded ” I support bike facilities on these streets and highways.”

Close to Bikeside’s heart is the Neighborhood Council system, and Teuber believes in it as well:

Neighborhood Councils have a vital role in transportation issues. They are the eyes and ears on the street. They are usually the first ones to report problems to the Council Office and LADOT. They should absolutely have a voice in transportation policy.

Teuber also endorsed expanding CicLAvia from 10.5 miles to 15 miles!

Teuber signed off his survey boldly:

I appreciate BikesideLA’s involvement and advocacy. Cycling in LA is a challenging subject. Dealing with a overburdened, under maintained roadway system is going to be difficult in the future.

We appreciate your work also Gordon!

Meet Teuber at CicLAvia!

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