Life Before License organizing meeting this Sunday

Life Before License gets rolling from 1pm-3pm on Sunday, August 15th in Hollywood
Life Before License gets rolling from 1pm-3pm on Sunday, August 15th in Hollywood

Bikeside will be hosting a meeting (RSVP on Facebook, Twitter) this Sunday, August 15th, from 1pm till 3pm, to get organized for our Life Before License campaign.  The Life Before License campaign is Bikeside’s campaign to change state law so that hit and run drivers have their license revoked; it is part of Bikeside’s larger StreetLife initiative.

This meeting is for anyone who wants to participate and support the campaign.  We’ll talk about strategy, connecting with supporters, and talking points.  We may even do some role playing.  We’ll also start to work out some other areas of responsibility, such as legislative support, graphic design and relating to media.

The meeting is from 1pm to 3pm at the Hollywood Adventist Church in Hollywood.  We’ll be in a classroom, and I’ll post signs to direct you inside.  We’ll have to lock up outside.

Bring your brainz, your pens, and your hit and run stories.

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6 thoughts on “Life Before License organizing meeting this Sunday

  1. Hope I’m not jabbing too hard here, but for someone who has ragged on the Mayor for poor process in planning the bike summit, and I think justifiably so, this seems like pretty short notice for a kick off meeting.

    I will not be able to attend this weekend, but am still very interested in pitching in on this campaign, and I think it is a really important issue.

  2. I’m not billing this as a Hit N Run Summit am I? It’s an organizing meeting, and I’m not a city official acting in an official capacity. There will be other opportunities to participate.

    Big difference between calling a summit as a mayor and organizing a campaign amongst private individuals.

    It’s also scheduled at an appropriate time for people who work 9-5.

  3. Sorry, just wish it was more notice ahead of time. I shouldn’t have put the extra comment in there. The Mayor’s summit is a very different situation, and he pretty much did everything wrong from poor outreach ahead of time, naming, short notice and terrible timing, and he is the Mayor of freakin Los Angeles.

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