LAPD officers paying for helmets for minors, out of pocket

By Alex Thompson
Michele Appel at Bikerowave 2

Michele Appel at Bikerowave 2, photo by Alex Thompson

I got the Facebook message from “Heart CM”, the owner of the LA Critical Mass Group:

We are excited to tell you about helmets that are now available for riders under the age of 18 and who can not afford the cost of buying one.

A couple of Los Angeles Police Department Officers who support our efforts to make LA Critical Mass rides a positive event, have individually come out of pocket and given Los Angeles Critical Mass over $1600.00 worth of new helmets for riders of Los Angeles Critical Mass who can not afford a helmet and are… under the age of 18.

These helmets are new. There are a variety of sizes and designs.

If you want a helmet, send an email to

Only those selected to get a helmet will receive instructions with the time and address to pick up the helmet on Friday March 25, so it can be worn on the ride. Be sure to check spam or bulk email in case your reply ends up there.

Note: there are a limited number of helmets so we can not promise everyone who sends an email will receive a helmet. The rider must be present at the place and time within the email on Friday March 25 or the helmet will be given out to another rider.

We are all volunteers and eager to continue to make LA Critical Mass better for all riders. We have opportunities to assist before and during rides. You’ll not only have fun, but it looks good on a resume for college and employment. We hope you’ll want to help us help others. To assist send an email to:

I called Sgt Krumer for more information, but he’s as in the dark as me – no one seems to know who the officers are.  I did find a little more information at – check it out.
Big ups to the officers putting helmets on kid’s heads who can’t afford it.  I’m impressed.
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4 Responses to “LAPD officers paying for helmets for minors, out of pocket”

  1. This is a heartwarming story. It makes me love LA a little more freely. Thanks for sharing, Alex!

  2. Wow, thank you anonymous LAPD officers.

    Looking forward to the day when police who support LACM feel comfortable doing so publicly, but in the meantime, THANK YOU!

  3. How is the LAPD doing in ticketing speeding drivers and do you think the speed limits are too high in L.A.?

    Public prosecutor calls for automatic driving licence loss:

    See also:

  4. I agree Dave

    Todd, speed limits are way too high . . . but there’s problems with that. See, for example:

    I don’t know at what rate they’re issuing speeding tickets – perhaps a good topic for future meetings.

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