LABP: MVCC requests a deadline extension, SLNC on it's heels (6/100)

The demand for an extension of the deadline for public input (November 6th) on the LA Bike Plan process continues to gather momentum.  The Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) passed a motion requesting an extension of the deadline, and Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is hot on their heels.  However, so far Transportation Chairman Bill Rosendahl has not made any noise on the issue, and we’ve yet to hear from Ed Reyes either.

Last Tuesday, Albert Olson, MVCC Chairman, put a motion on new business, since the unreasonable deadline wouldn’t give MVCC time to push a motion through committees, THE example of how the deadline prevents NC participation in the process.  The council hit the item last after a long meeting including a visit from Wendy Greuel, City Controller, and passed it unanimously:

Whereas, neighborhood councils and grassroots organization usually require 2-3 months to deliberate and create motions and letters of input on City policies,

and, whereas, the only provides 42 days for consideration and input to the draft LA Bike Master Plan, thereby severely limiting neighborhood council participation,

The Mar Vista Community Council therefore requests that the deadline for input be extended to January 4th to provide at least 90 days to critique and provide input to the Draft LA Bike Master Plan.

The motion was authored by myself and Ken Alpern (MVCC board.)  One thing I found heartening – cyclists are not alone in our frustration with LADOT and city gov’t.  The situation we’re in – an overdue plan springing from the darkness on us, without sufficient time to digest and comment – is one that the Neighborhood Councils are all too familiar with.  It’s almost a routine within Planning and DOT to under notify, and exclude the public.

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Transportation Committee just passed the same motion, so expect to see a similar request coming out of their board soon.  If you’d like to get your neighborhood council on board, email me –

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