LABMP: LA Bike Plan vs. LA Bike Master Plan (5/100)

Dammit!  As if the LA Bike Master Plan process wasn’t annoying enough, they switched semantics on me.  Stephen Box informed me on the telephone that the proper terminology is now LA Bike Plan.  Are you %$%^ing kidding me?  So, now I’ll start using LA Bike Plan as the terminology, and LABP for short.

Aarrgh!  Confusing!

Alex Thompson

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One thought on “LABMP: LA Bike Plan vs. LA Bike Master Plan (5/100)

  1. I’ve been aware of this and have actually been reconsidering. Why this change? Perhaps it’s just a streamlined name… but I worry that this semantic change could very well be another example of the watering down of all the plan language… like the way every bikeway in the old plan was “designated” but every bikeway in the new plan is “proposed” or worse. Isn’t a Bicycle Master Plan more binding than a Bicycle Plan??

    For a while I was saying just Bike Plan, but now I’ve gone back to calling it the Bicycle Master Plan (formally) or the bike plan (informally.)

    I just checked the actual city council motion and it does just say “Bicycle Plan”

    What will we do with the hashtag #LABMP???

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