LA Bike Map 2.0 in the works

Now that it looks like the municipal Anti-Cyclist Harassment ordinance will pass, it’s imperative that you do your best to bring the accountable parties to justice.  This means reporting your incident to either the nearest police department or quickly submitting it to LA BikeMap.

Before the exciting news about our own BikeMap, let’s see what others have released recently.  Berkeley’s Safe Trec has put together a demo that allows you to query traffic collision data for counties in Northern California (you must first request a login).  You can scroll through a list of the results or view them on a map.  The layout is rudimentary, but SafeTrec offers some solid statistics:  collision severity, collision type (head-on, sideswipe, etc), parties involved, factor that caused the collision.  These are all fields that have to be filled out when the law enforcement agent arrives on the scene of a traffic collision, and it all ends up in a centralized, statewide database known as SWITRS.

The Bay Citizen has its own sharp-looking map of bike collisions in San Francisco also based on SWITRS data.  Also impressive – the charts, which rank the most dangerous neighborhoods, streets and intersections, examine which party is most often at-fault, and list the most common crash causes.  They have drawn up some conclusions, which were contested by San Francycle.

I am glad to see others taking a shot at visually organizing heaps of publicly-available collsion data that otherwise would end up in a boring Powerpoint presentation.

We have also picked up steam on LA Bike Map with the help of Jason Leung, who has done wonders for our existing interface.   For now, we are focusing on using this new tool to create custom maps for a pedestrian safety study in Santa Monica.  Once it’s ready for prime-time, we’ll move these changes to the LA BikeMap, making it easier to comb through user-contributed incidents as well as the “official” traffic reports taken by various police agencies in LA County.

Bikemap v2.0 displaying traffic incidents involving bikes within Santa Monica city limits

New features

  • larger map area
  • snappy time slider
  • login-based system for quicker incident reporting
  • ability to save a search and share it as a link
  • better clustering of incidents to show most dangerous stretches of road
Incident Heat Map

An Alpha release v2.0 will be available for public testing in April.  We’d like some input in order to make it more practical and easy to use, so when the time comes, you will catch the invite on BikeSide.

Mihai Peteu

Software Developer, Bike Safety Instructor, Amateur triathlete

6 thoughts on “LA Bike Map 2.0 in the works

  1. NYPD said “they didn’t think the public should be interpreting traffic data in the first place.” Yeah right mofos, it’s not like you’re doing anything with it!

    Let’s the young talented techie crowd have a shot at it, everything that happens in-house is usually a bunch of ugly, unusable ArcGIS bullshit. I am glad that this outdated software tool is losing it’s grip on the digital cartography market.

  2. Thanks! If you guys have more emerging online mapping or data viz tools, pass them on. The more inspiration, the better.

  3. You guys keep this up and those maps will:
    (a) win you some elections some day
    (b) change the whole game.

    Maybe there should be a fundraising effort to pay for the time and resources required to bring this project together for a bigger part of the city?

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