Kylie Bruehler, 7, at her parents' funeral

By Alex Thompson

Kylie Bruehler at her parents funeral

Kylie Bruehler at her parents funeral

Photo by Tom Reel/Express-News.

Her parents were killed while riding a tandem a week ago.

Via Tuscon Bike Lawyer.

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11 Responses to “Kylie Bruehler, 7, at her parents' funeral”

  1. No charges to the driver? Amazing. Because, y’know, accidents are on a separate branch from careless manslaughter.

  2. This is one of the saddest reasons that we need the Cyclist Bill Of Rights…

  3. The question that comes immediately to my mind: Is it typical that there are no charges filed in fatal collisions like this where two automobiles are involved?

  4. This is so sad… both for the couple, their child and the rest of us.

    The statement by the police haunts me… nothing can be done, it’s just an accident. No charges at all filed. You can kill people through your actions or inactions and no penalty… heck the insurance will probably even cover the drivers vehicle minus the deductible.

    I call BS on the police spokesperson. This is a clear case of Res ipsa loquitur, otherwise known as “the thing speaks for itself”

    Negligence is pretty damn clear to me. No equipment failure, no weather conditions issue, just a driver that decided to do something other than control their vehicle causing the death of two innocent people that were doing nothing wrong.

    At LEAST file the damn charge of negligent driving.

  5. I know people are upset, but negligence MUST be proven. Just because someone isn’t paying attention does not mean negligence so… It’s just sad but what are you gonna do? This driver is still responsive for what happened on a civil level so hopefully little Kylie will be taken care of (monetarily at least) unfortunately without her parents. Cars are scary, keep you eyes and ears opened out there you guys!!

  6. wow. sadness in a huge way.

  7. “Just because someone isn’t paying attention does not mean negligence”

    I would consider operating heavy machinery at fast speeds around twisting roads where cyclists and joggers were well known to use the shoulder (something he would be familiar with living in the area) without paying attention to be negligence. From all accounts I have heard of this story the shoulder of the road were the cyclists were was wide enough to park a house, the margin of error was not sliver thin here. If a person cannot sufficiently pay attention while driving, so much so they go full speed off the road there is negligence is involved. We give out drivers licenses like they are candy and never take it away when the kids are being bad.

  8. No charges!
    That poor girl.
    Name the driver; the killer; the man who has wrecked so much… then let society deal with him…

  9. This saddens me so much, I ran across this article when a friend of mine was killed while she was riding this July. I loved the little black bicycle pin and tried to locate for my friends funeral and also a memorial ride. If anyone could give me some information it would be appreciated. Kylie will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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