Join Bikeside at CicLAvia for Coffee, Politics, LAPD and Bikes!

Bikeside Speaks at CicLAvia!

Join us Sunday, 11 am – 2pm at the Bikeside Stage, located between Spring and Main on 1st St.

Coffee + Politics + Bikerowave + 1000 watts of sound = Trouble.  Good thing we’re on LAPD HQ’s front lawn!

We’ll have streetside pro-cycling political stumping that hasn’t been seen since preachers on milk crates.  Don’t miss your chance to engage with the LA’s bike friendly candidates.  Or get your bike tuned up for free by Bikerowave’s best mechanics.  Don’t miss:

  • Austin Beutner, Candidate for LA Mayor
  • Kevin James, Candidate for LA Mayor
  • Cary Brazeman, Candidate for LA City Controller
  • The candidates of LA City Council District 15: Rebecca Chambliss, Justin Brimmer, Frank Pereyda, Gordon Teuber, John Delgado, and Candice Graham.
  • Get LAPD’s take on cycling at the LAPD tent
  • Free tune-ups at Bikerowave
  • Free bike valet at Bikerowave
  • $3 coffee via the mobile coffee gurus of Fortnight Coffee
  • and sign up with Sustainable Streets for cycling skills classes!

Alex Thompson

Bikerowave co-founder, Cyclists' Bill of Rights co-author, President of Bikeside, and Math Phd. HULK SMASH straight from Michigan!

7 thoughts on “Join Bikeside at CicLAvia for Coffee, Politics, LAPD and Bikes!

  1. That was a serious sound system. It was a bit awkward to hear a few of the speakers bad mouthing the LAPD for spending $600 million on their new building while their booth was 20 feet away, but hey, if people feel strongly about it, it’s good they spoke up.

    It was interesting to see such a range of folks wanting to get up and use the mic, from the CD15 candidates, to DJ Chickenleather, to the Occupy LA protestors.

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