The Delgado Plan for CicLAvia: Downtown to San Pedro

CD 15 Candidate John Delgado and his sons Joseph and Paul William at the October 9th Bikeside Speaks.

“You know, I always tell my kids stories about growing up in San Pedro.  How I rode my bike everywhere.  I would ride my bike as a kid all throughout town and all throughout San Pedro,” remarked CD 15 candidate John Delgado at the CicLAvia edition of Bikeside Speaks.  “But there’s one thing you gotta remember about San Pedro: there’s a lot of hills and a lot of slopes.  It’s not like [Downtown LA] where you’re riding on flat land.  In San Pedro, you have to be ready to climb some hills!” Delgado reminded cyclists.

The Delgado Family joins Stephen Box at Bikeside Speaks.

“I think [CicLAvia] is great! Having all these families and kids out here riding on their bikes and just really having a great family time,” said Delgado who was joined on stage by his wife Gina Delgado and sons Paul William and Joseph.  Delgado told cyclists that he’d absolutely commit to bringing CicLAvia to CD 15 “by Paseo Del Mar, Harbor Boulevard, Ports O’Call, and all throughout San Pedro and also down through Wilmington through Machado Lake and Harbor City and then we could end at Watts Towers.  With the Waterfront development, with the USS Iowa coming down, I believe we could start from [Downtown LA] and ride all the way down to see the USS Iowa, which will be berthed in San Pedro.”  You can listen to John Delgado at Bikeside Speaks in Enci Box’s embedded video below.

To make streets safer for kids to bike and walk to school, Delgado would like to see better enforcement of traffic laws and including the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights on the DMV test.  Delgado would also like to see “more of the rail guards for the kids to ride bikes.  Even on campus, before school starts, kids can have an opportunity to get some exercise and ride their bike before they go into the classroom, and be fit.  Our school, where my kids go to, they had a bike-athon where kids rode their bike as a fundraiser.  And they just rode and rode and got a lot of exercise out of it and that was a great event.” Delgado also told Box that he believes it is “important that the kids have their helmets on.”  To improve CD 15’s transit connectivity, Delgado has also been looking into extending San Pedro’s Red Cable Car to the Blue Line and into Watts.

Gina Delgado and son Paul William on stage with Stephen Box at Bikeside Speaks.

“I grew up on the streets and now I want to give back and serve our community,” Delgado told moderator Stephen Box and members of the Watts-Willowbrook Community at the October 29th CD 15 Candidate Forum.  Delgado said that he’s running for CD 15 because he believes that Los Angeles “needs leadership and it needs accountability.”  His “One Vision, One Community” campaign aims to bring that accountability to the people through an open door policy.  “If [people] want to ask me questions. If any bicyclist want to ask me questions, if they have any questions, my door is always open to hear them,” asserted Delgado.

Delgado said that he doesn’t believe in “raising thousands of dollars,” and that “our cities and our residents are taxed enough.”  According to Delgado, what the voters need is “accountability and they need to be able to talk to a real person about real issues.”  He  says he sleeps comfortable at night knowing that he’s done his best by “going out there and speaking to people one-on-one and not having to worry about the special interest groups saying do this or do that.”  “I’m just led by what I believe is right” asserted Delgado. “I’m [campaigning] the old fashioned way, by going street by street and walking.  Now that I see these [CicLAvia] bikes, I might just get a bike and do it bike-by-bike and bike through the neighborhood” Delgado told Box.

The Delgado Family at Bikeside Speaks.

Delgado affirmed his support for community engagement when asked by Box if he strongly supports the public establishing policy to ensure that citywide policy is sensitive to the needs of a local neighborhood.  “Yes, absolutely,” said Delgado.  “I believe that’s why the neighborhood councils are a great forum. I believe the neighborhood councils should be used in order to get those policies brought, not only to the local people, but to the community as a whole, and really preach that, and get that out to the communities,” elaborated Delgado.

The October 9th Bikeside Speaks took place in front of LAPD HQ and City Hall.

As the former President and Board Member of the San Pedro Central Neighborhood Council and member of the Land Use Sub-committee, Delgado told cyclists that he “gained the respect of the people in the community, of [his] colleagues, and they elected [him] as their president,” where he served for three years.  Delgado has helped revitalize San Pedro by refurbishing Leland Park and YMCA Bloch Field, re-establishing the San Pedro Youth Sports Association, and raising $200,000 to renovate the Peck Park sports facilities.

Thank you, John Delgado, for your leadership in Central San Pedro and for signing the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights!  Bikeside looks forward to seeing you and your family on the campaign trail!

Readers: Join Bikeside to flyer on behalf of the pro-walking and biking candidates of CD 15!  For more information, please contact Bikeside at  If you’re a cyclist who lives in Council District 15, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 8th! Click HERE to find your polling place!

John Delgado and sons Joseph and Paul William at Bikeside Speaks.


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