Jeffrey Ray Adams assaults Santa Monica cyclist with his vehicle

On Thursday afternoon, Jeffrey Ray Adams had an argument with a cyclist while traveling south on Barnard Way.  As the situation was escalated by the driver who allegedly repeatedly swerved in front of the cyclist and hit the brakes abruptly, the driver then

“Intentionally struck the victim with the side of his vehicle, knocking the victim off his bicycle, and causing the victim to be injured.”

Scene of the crash, Barnard Way
Scene of the crash, Barnard Way

Jeffrey Ray Adams, the perpetrator
Jeffrey Ray Adams, the perpetrator

The driver can be heard threatening one of the witnesses in the YouTube clip:

“I’ll beat your ass.  You’re lucky that you’re alive right now.”

Forty five seconds into the video, you can hear a nearby witness state “Your car is on the wrong side of the road, buddy”, referring to its front end crossing the double yellow line of the turning lane.  Motorist’s response –“He ran into me”.  We will post more information as it surfaces, but for now, it seems like another clear-cut case of Dr. Christopher Thompson road rage.

The motorist allegedly violated quite a few traffic laws (blowing through a stop sign, crossing a double yellow line, and driving against traffic) in order to position himself to strike the cyclist.

According to the Santa Monica Police Department report, he was booked for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, but later released on $30,000 bail.  Assuming a bail bond company was involved, he only had to post 10% of that amount, which is a mere $3,000.

Mihai Peteu

Software Developer, Bike Safety Instructor, Amateur triathlete

39 thoughts on “Jeffrey Ray Adams assaults Santa Monica cyclist with his vehicle

  1. Good reportage Mihai! Though the video is sideways…
    Glad that guy is in the court system and hopefully off the road. Doubly glad I didn’t meet him!

    Eric W

  2. Video has been rotated. I believe Sgt MacLaughlin has been notified of this incident, this will be his first challenge as SMPD Bike Liaison to the community.

  3. What were the circumstances that initiated the conflict. Was the cyclist actually hit by the car, or did the car cross the median and stop, causing the cyclist to run into him. t’s not clear from the video.

  4. Started out with the cyclist getting abruptly cut off by the car behind him as soon as the landscaped median on Barnard becomes a turning lane (even though he claims to have been riding close to the speed limit). The cyclist continued to ride on the right, passes driver after the stop sign. Motorist attempts to cut off cyclist yet again, cyclist moves to middle lane, verbal confrontation happens. Leapfrogging continues, motorist states that there’s “No passing” and eventually makes a hard left from the right lane into median lane as cyclist is riding at 25mph. Cyclist crashes into hood of car, goes flying into Northbound traffic lane.

    This would explain why Jeffrey Adams’ car is positioned the way it is in the video.

  5. Beyond frustrating that he wasn’t charged with attempted murder. They should be thanking us for riding bikes I am so disappointed in almost everything about this story.

  6. Attempted murder requires proof beyond reasonable doubt of intent to kill, which would be a hard sell to a jury. I’ll gladly settle for ADW. It’s rare that we even get that charge in cases like this. Apparently there were a number of witnesses who will testify. That’s very good and the lack of that is why we rarely get ADW for these attacks. Notice how the driver kept lying. That’s what these psychos do. Independent witnesses make it better than the cyclist’s word against the driver’s.

    Major kudos to all of the witnesses who jumped in to keep the psycho from continuing his assault on the cyclist. If any of you guys are reading this, you are all awesome for doing that.

  7. Why am I not surprised by the actions of this a**4ole? He is, unfortunately, an example of how our society has devolved into an angry, hate-mongering country. Fortunately he represents only a small slice of our population… however, albeit small, they are overly outspoken and just plain mean.

    I hope the LA County DA puts this guy away for a long, long time.

  8. I read fear, mainly. Don’t be scared of guys like this. Get him out of the car and what do you have? A guy of ungainly stature who will find it hard to compete against a real alpha-male in a physical contest.

  9. I think some of what he says along the lines of “you should be dead”(dont remember actual line) betray a certain murderous intent

  10. The driver was not in a turning lane. That is a center island median were the bike rider was attacked. There is only a right turn at that intersection, no left turn. To the left is a park.

  11. Clearly deserves to spend some time behind bars. Hopefully one of his inmates will give him a mental tune up.

    So why does chubby Jeff have the camera? He’s trying scaring people off cause he is worried someone is going to rough him up for taking a gutless swipe at a cyclist. He then has the nerve to mouth off. I was really hoping someone would oblige him. He ‘s clearly a fat pansy.

    I was also hoping to see the police arrive and arrest him. I wonder if he screamed and cried.

    I hope so…

  12. Also very smart of the cyclist to insist that his bike not be moved.

    And like others have said, well done to all of the witnesses for staying around and to get involved.

  13. Perhaps people without bumpers should give the right of way to vehicles,I’d say it’s common sense. Alot of these people are very inconsiderate when in traffic.and honestly this guy probably started running his big mouth without fear of getting assaulted.

  14. @Guy in a truck: Following your logic, perhaps women who wear short skirts should just accept it when they get raped too.

    The driver is a violent criminal. You’re trying to blame the victim. Unacceptable.

  15. figures it would be in Santa Monica(home of the douche) Ive found typically people who insist on riding their bikes on a busy city street (recreational) should have the common decency to move to the side to allow traffic to pass but no,they will ride right in the middle of the lane and go as slow as surprised more incidents haven’t occurred.i know 100% these people wouldn’t be doing this in other neighborhoods that arnt as snooty, as an altercation would most certainly occur.

    as for the miniskirt,rape comment- thats just stupid and unrelated to the subject matter-besides everyone knows the chick in the miniskirt will give it up well before its taken-

  16. @guy in a truck: Clearly you are a troll; and an unintelligent one at that.

    This was a low speed street next to a park at the beach. Bicyclists have a right to be in the the road and they typically do not go “as slow as possible” as you ignorantly claim.

    Bicyclists who ride in the middle of the lane are doing it for their own safety. It’s taught by all of the top bicycle safety experts. Riding to the far right often puts bicyclists at much greater risk.

    This driver could have just gone around but he chose to threaten and engage like a spoiled 3 year old child throwing a hissyfit. Apparently you identify with that.

    Apparently you don’t grasp the concept of analogy. You seem to think that victims should just accept violent bullying and do as they are told by violent bullies. Jeffrey Ray Adams is going to be doing time in jail if not prison for this. Apparently you’d like to join him behind bars with the other violent criminals?

  17. I was hit by a car in Sept 2010, the driver tried to pass by right next to me in the same lane of travel; however, due to parked cars I took the lane. Do the math. We both couldn’t occupy the same space at the same time. He told the police I hit him.
    What a-hole would think a bike rider (in my case 170lbs on a 17lb bike) would hit a 2,000lb auto. Do that math; cyclist loses every time.
    Cyclists put their lives in jeopardy ever time we roll away from our homes.
    This a-hole should be placed in a public stockade for the public to humiliate him by throwing stones and tomatoes as him he should lose his drivers license. Hope the cyclist has a good recovery outcome.

  18. Keep everybody posted on this tragic case of idiot driver vs bike.

    Gads! That drive is a piece!

  19. Get this link blasted out to every cyclist, cop, attorney, city person, insurance agent you know.

    This type of bike hate crime needs toi be punished severely & with as much media attention as possible to drive the point home that bikes have rights.

  20. Jeffrey, what’s up homeboy? Why you always got to be so goddamn stupid?! And look, before you get all sensitive about me calling you stupid, because I don’t want you to feel like you’re being done wrong, let me justify my comments. All your monkey-ass had to do was go around the biker. You could have continued on , went back to the crib, had some drinks with your old lady and maybe got laid. But NOOOOO, your dumbass had to hit the damn rider. So instead of the aforementioned nice evening you spent the night in jail, had to post a 30k bond, and got charged with a felony. Your Labor Day weekend will now be filled with the gravity of your stupid-ass actions instead of the good times most look forward to. Now you have to get an atty (because the pd ain’t shit), your license will be suspended, your insurance will be cancelled, you got some court cases comin’, and your bitch-ass is going to jail….all because you couldn’t just go around a dude on a goddamn bike. So let this serve as a lesson to all of you out there, let’s use Little Jeffrey’s ignorant-ass as a reminder of how NOT to play ourselves. Be mature enough to know the score and take time to examine the consequence of your actions. Don’t get mad, just go the F around.

    That’s all,


    ps, Dude, why you come out with your big-ass belly in that tight red shirt??? You a fool!

  21. I agree with you billdsd…@Guy in a truck is an idiot. He probably didn’t read the rules of the road when taking a drivers test…If he actually has a license. He has no respect for anyone as we can see in his comments above and believe the world is his!

    @ Guy in a truck…do the world a favor and don’t reproduce…Oh and get some sense too! Might help if you go and read the rules of the road. It’s not Share the “Lane” it’s Share the “road”. Bikes are moving vehicles and we have all the same rights and laws on the road. But when it comes down to it, cyclists have the right of way in the end!

  22. Jeffrey Ray Adams’ preliminary hearing was held last Friday.

    The court affirmed 2 felony charges against Mr. Adams: Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Assault with Intent to Cause Great Bodily Harm.

    The next court date is February 3rd, 2012.

  23. Jeffrey Ray Adams pled no contest on May 29th, 2012 to a violation of Penal Code Section 245 (a) (1) Assault with A Deadly Weapon [his car]. He was placed on three years of formal, felony probation and must complete 20 days of labor as well as an anger management program. Restitution was ordered (as required by law) in an amount unknown at this point.

  24. What a slap on the wrists!

    This loser must have cut one sweetheart deal with the DA & probably bought the judge a new car.

    Talk about no protection for cyclists. Geeze! This is a total outrage.

    Spread the word!

  25. A Felony on your record is no small matter. If the goal of justice is punishment, then yes, it could have been worse for him. But given how few convictions there are for crimes of this sort, I’m rather pleased there at least is a conviction. Not sure if the felony is removed from his record after 3 years, but in any case, some measure of justice has been reached. Now for the civil case, damages!

  26. Also, I hope everyone who is concerned about this or any public issue is planning on voting June 5. In my mind your voice carries more weight if you’re an engaged citizen, rather than an idiot:

    In ancient Athenian Democracy, declining to take part in public life of the polis (city state), was considered dishonorable. “Idiots” were seen as having bad judgment in public and political matters.

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