Gordon Teuber: Build San Pedro-Long Beach Bike Linkages, Waterfront Bike Path

CD 15 Candidate Gordon Teuber.

“[I]n CD 15, we have a lot of opportunity to improve our bicycle opportunities.  We have some of the most beautiful coastline in all of California right in CD 15, in San Pedro, along Paseo Del Mar,” Gordon Teuber, CD 15 candidate, told cyclists at the October 9th Bikeside Speaks.

“My vision is that I want to see a little bit more linkage between our beautiful coastline and our LA Waterfront.  We do have a great plan for the LA Waterfront, a $1.2 billion Waterfront Plan that’s been approved, and we’re going to have, some day, nine miles of bicycle path throughout the Port, and right now, we only have about a mile of it, unfortunately,” added Teuber.

Teuber said it’s difficult for cyclists to get from San Pedro to Long Beach and down to the Pacific Coast Highway.  His solution: build “better connections between our coastline and our Waterfront, and from our Waterfront over to Long Beach so we can be more bicycle-friendly for all of Southern Californiato enjoy CD 15.”

Teuber is consistently engaged with Bikeside, including speaking about cycling at candidate forums, answering Bikeside’s survey (read Alex Thompson’s post here), signing the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights and participating in Bikeside Speaks.  You can listen to Gordon Teuber at Bikeside Speaks in Enci Box’s embedded video below.

A proponent of bicycle safety, Teuber told Stephen Box that his son Gordy wears a motorcycle helmet every time he rides a bike. “I brought something along today because I wanted to tell you a little story about when I was five years old, and I didn’t have a helmet, and I went down my parents’ driveway, and over the curb and landed face first and knocked all of my teeth, broke my upper jaw bone, and ever since Gordy’s been riding a bike, he’s been wearing a motorcycle helmet,” said Teuber as he placed a BMX helmet on his son’s head.  The CD 15 candidate cautioned parents against the safety of the average child bike helmet. “[M]y opinion is that these bicycle helmets aren’t good, not for children, so I encourage all parents and families to get a bigger better helmet for their kids,” recommended Teuber.

CD 15 Candidate Gordon Teuber and his family take the stage at the CicLAvia edition of Bikeside Speaks.

As the former Director of Economic Development for Janice Hahn, Teuber has worked to create  more jobs in CD 15.  “We still have a lot of jobs down at the Port.  Don’t think that we don’t have a lot of job generation down there, and I think there’s a lot of opportunity to come back and grow some more,” declared Teuber.  In the absence of a Green Line Extension to Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, San Pedro, Watts and Wilmington, Teuber says biking helps connect people to jobs in CD 15.  “I recognize that in today’s tough economy, that a lot of people need to use a bicycle as an alternative form of transportation and that really links into public transit, and if you can’t really afford a car today, you can’t afford $4 per gallon of gasoline, you can’t afford insurance, a bicycle’s a great way to get from point A to point B to get to that bus line and get to a job,” remarked Teuber.

After participating in the last three CicLAvias, Teuber says it’s time to bring the event to CD 15.  “Absolutely, absolutely, in fact, you know, we do have a couple of bicycle races a year in Downtown San Pedro on a Sunday morning like [CicLavia] where we close down the streets,” Teuber reminded Box.  “We also have a lot of bicycle clubs in the South Bay.  A lot them go around the Palos Verdes peninsula, and I would think it would be great to have more events in the San Pedro area that are tied into our coastal communities,” suggested Teuber.

CD 15 Candidate Gordon Teuber discusses child bike helmets at Bikeside Speaks.

Teuber says he’s running for public office because he loves public service and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and give it his all.  “I know in politics you gotta deal with everything from the little things to the big things, and it’s in my heart, I enjoy it,” said Teuber before signing the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights.

Thank you Gordon Teuber for engaging with cyclists at the candidate forums, Bikeside Speaks and through Bikeside’s survey! Bikeside looks forward to working with you on improving bike connectivity in CD 15!

Readers: Join Bikeside to flyer on behalf of the pro-walking and biking candidates of CD 15!  For more information, please contact Bikeside at contact@BikesideLA.org.  If you’re a cyclist who lives in Council District 15, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 8th! Click HERE to find your polling place!

CD 15 candidates who shared their bike-friendly ideas with Bikeside include (from left to right): Gordon Teuber, John Delgado, Justin Brimmer, Jayme Wilson, Joe Buscaino and Candice Graham. Photo by Enci Box, October 29th Watts Candidate Forum.


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