Pereyda: Provide Safe Bike Access to CD 15 Waterfront

CD 15 candidate Frank Pereyda.

“For the LA Waterfront project to be totally successful, bike and foot traffic will have to be a major part of the planning process,” wrote Frank Pereyda, Council District 15 candidate, in Bikeside’s Survey on Biking and Walking.

One of the key issues in the Council District 15 election is transportation.  Bikeside’s survey provides an opportunity for CD 15 candidates to articulate their awareness and support of sustainable transportation, including biking and walking policies.  All CD 15 candidates were invited to participate in the survey in early September.

The LA Waterfront includes eight miles of proposed bicycle facilities stretching from Cabrillo Beach to Vincent Thomas Bridge, which you can see by clicking HERE.   However, the eight miles of bikeways are comprised of a mix of bike routes, bike lanes and bike paths.  Another obstacle for cyclists is the Waterfront’s lack of connectivity to CD 15’s on-street bicycle lanes.  “There’s a lack of safe bike access to the LA Waterfront,” noted Pereyda.  Although candidates view CD 15’s Paseo Del Mar as bike-friendly, Pereyda thinks CD 15 needs more well marked bike lanes and bike paths.

“I ride my bike once a month,” said Pereyda. “The best part of my bike rides is being near the ocean, the fresh air and great feeling of being outdoors.”  Bike friendly cities such as Long Beach, Oakland and San Francisco have succeeded in striking a balance between supporting the economic vitality of their ports and improving the quality of life for all residents. Why can’t Los Angeles?

Readers: Join Bikeside to flyer on behalf of the pro-walking and biking candidates of CD 15!  For more information, please contact Bikeside at  If you’re a cyclist who lives in Council District 15, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 8th! Click HERE to find your polling place!

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