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We’re working our butts off to make LA bike friendly.  Support our efforts by donating below!

Make sure the next mayor is aggressively bike friendly!

In 2009, in 2005, and in every LA Mayor\'s election anyone can remember, cycling wasn\'t an issue. As long as cycling isn\'t an election issue, we won\'t get the attention we need! Bikeside already got Kevin James and Austin Beutner - candidates for Mayor in 2013 - on the record as pro-cycling. Help us get the rest of the candidates to boldly proclaim their support for cycling!
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Change the politics of the Council District 15 election!

As a 501c4, Bikeside is the only non-profit in LA with a bike mission and the capacity to take part in elections. 20 candidates are running in Council District 15 in a special election - this is LA cyclists\' chance to be seen and heard and make a major impact on a city council election. Help fund events, phone banking, Bikeside materials and staff time so that Bikeside can make cycling a primary issue in the CD15 race.
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Fund Bikeside\'s Incorporation

Getting incorporated isn\'t cheap, especially if you don\'t create a traditional non-profit. Bikeside started out $2500 in the hole just from incorporation fees. Help close that hole by paying for Bikeside\'s legal fees, so that LA\'s only pure bike lobby organization can better represent you!
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