Danny Marin / Shawn Fields Hit and Run Case – Courtroom Update #2

San Fernando CourthouseHalf past eight, the Courtroom S doors open, people start streaming in.  The first hour was spent on minor traffic violations, such as driving without a license or insurance.  Most folks walked away with a $50 fine for driving without a license, and some, a $15 fine for being caught on a cellphone.  The highest fine dished out for the day was $150 for a gentleman whose abrupt maneuver caused traffic to swerve behind him.

At 9:14am, Judge Greenthal calls up Shawn Fields.  His private counsel was not present at the time, so his case was put on hold for another twenty minutes.

Once the defense attorney returned, it was time for Shawn Fields to plead.  “Not Guilty”.

The defense asked for a preliminary hearing, in
a different court.  Judge moved it to Department (Courtroom) C, on the 2nd floor of the San Fernando Courthouse.  Next court date is Dec 7th, and will most likely be presided by Judge Lyons.

The defense attorney asked that the friends and members of the Marin family abstain from contact with the Fields family while inside the courthouse.  He also briefly mentioned something about a mean-spirited internet posting about Shawn, but did not place blame on a specific individual.

The judge responded that he has no control over what happens on the internet.  However, while inside the courtroom, he asked that present family members are to avoid contact with one another.  Indeed, the bailiff approached the Fields family and ensured that the Marin family had left before escorting them out.

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14 thoughts on “Danny Marin / Shawn Fields Hit and Run Case – Courtroom Update #2

  1. I didn’t go today, I was sick. All I know right now is that the next court date is Jan 6, 2011. Will post more once I catch up with Danny’s uncle over the phone.

    Thanks for checking in, I’m glad folks are following this.

  2. I believe Judge Nash requested his bail be increased from 100k to 150k. I believe he’s being held until the family is able to post the additional bail. A friend told me this. I’m not able to cite the source.

  3. There’s a date set for January 21, 2011 for compliance with discovery
    requests – it’s frustrating to think that they took this long to
    “study” the evidence.

    Preliminary Hearing will continue on February 2, 2011. I’m assuming
    Shawn Fields is required to be in the courtroom for this one.

  4. I wonder what is up with this Shawn Fields guy ? I kind of feel bad for him too .. i wonder does he feel guilty ? has this changed his life ? and his family his parents .. this must be real hard on them too .. This is so Sad .. : (

  5. I have not been able to find any news online about the progress of this case, do you know anymore? Did this kid plea not guilty?

  6. For anyone still subscribed to comments on this article, we have an update:

    Shawn Fields was sentenced to 7 years in a state prison. He entered a no contest plea to vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and admitted to a count of hit and run in late September 2011.

    He has filed an appeal in his case. For now he is serving time.

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