“LAPD Officer” questions whether people actually hate cyclists

By Alex Thompson

A recent commenter on the Hummer incident articles called the notion that people hate cyclists “freaking ridiculous and idiotic”.  The comment made by “LAPD”, has an associated email of “officer@lapd.gov” (LAPD’s domain is lapd.lacity.gov, not lapd.gov) and originates from an IP address within the Department of Veterans Affairs in DC:

Do you people honestly believe that people “hate” cyclist? [sic] That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. It’s like saying I hate runners. Freaking ridiculous and idiotic to the utmost.

Readers – what’s your experience?  Do people actually hate cyclists?

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12 Responses to ““LAPD Officer” questions whether people actually hate cyclists”

  1. Based on the comments I’ve read on any number of posts . . . yes, there are people who hate cyclists. I’m sure there are also people who hate runners, to use “LAPD Officer”‘s example. I have no doubt that everyone is hated by someone. It’s a big world, with plenty of people to hate and be hated by.

  2. Once I was on a bus and a bicyclist was in front of us. The bus driver said she must have a death wish, so what did he do? He started speeding to go around her. When he was to the left of the cyclist, before passing her, he opened the bus door and yelled at her “What the hell’s the matter with you? You want to die?” He called her stupid and other nonsense before zooming around her. This was on a street with two lanes and curb parking. To make his point, the bus driver was blocking both lanes (down the middle of the striped line) and putting the cyclist at major risk. Other than this encounter he is generally all smiles and gives bus riders directions so I was completely shocked that he did that. Is hate the right word?

  3. ride a bike lots of miles for a few years and a bike hater is sure to find you… and try to kill you. Or if you don’t have the time just visit a LATIMES article on bikes: plenty of haters there.

    Truly what we perceive as bike haters are people who hate themselves.

  4. In my honest opinion I’m not so sure people really do hate cyclist. But i do hole heartily believe that people especial drivers in particular have 100% zero patience with some one if there on a bike. its odd for some reason you can be in another car and driving like an idiot yet people at most will give you is a dirty look drive away and forget about you. As soon as your on a bike dirty looks turn to yelling obscenities or throwing something at you… even on a rare occasion threaten you with there vehicle.

    Put every person on a bike and they’ll realize how fragile they are. they’ll realize that they should should stop being idiotic and unreasonable, grow some Patience and learn to enjoy life while they got it.

  5. Olivia, I agree that it is not a matter of hate, but rather patience. Many motorists don’t believe that cyclists have the right to be on the road. This is why dirty looks turn to yells and even assault.
    I wish motorist would recognize the danger in their actions.

  6. Google search for phrase “i hate cyclists”

    About 693,000 results (0.44 seconds)


  7. This is interesting b/c as cyclists we have all encountered our fair share of unruly idiotic drivers who are not aware or annoyed by cyclists on the streets. We have also been waved thru and passed well by thousands of other drivers who treat us like traffic.

    It is up to us to treat drivers with the respect that we demand from them, make eye contact with drivers you are near by at lights and make sure they remember that you are an actual human being.

    That being said, I am the only cyclist in my family. My parents are respectful patient drivers. My brother is a completely different story – even though he is well aware of how much time i spend on my bike, he still is annoyed and hates every other cyclist including my riding style when he comes in contact with them. He deems cyclists as pedestrians which are blocking his rights to the road and holding him up. He hates any cyclist which gets “special” treatment – and whom run stop signs/lights/ride recklessly. He sees critical mass as a ginormous inconvenience to himself and would be so happy if he could have his paintball gun and open fire. I kid you not – this is a relative of a cyclist who could be killed at any second.

    Better yet, he recently bought a motorcycle and has calmed down slightly now that he doesn’t have his steel coffin to protect him. But still looks at cyclists as unlawful trouble makers who unfairly get to break the CVC at their own discretion.

    I am terrified of drivers like him, and true that he might be out just to push my buttons – but he is a horrible driver, fast and reckless…and can not seem to ever accept that living in LA means accepting the traffic and moving on with life.

  8. Yes they do, I’ve been riding road and mountain for most of my 24 years old life. Much recently I started getting back into ride in the city about 4-5 months ago and I have already ran into people that talk trash to me while I’m riding. I’ve heard of so many stories from friends that have been riding a lot longer in the city than I have that had very negative experiences with cops and drivers alike while riding their bicycles. I’ve heard of drivers pulling out machetes and guns on cyclist. It’s just crazy… We can only take it for so long before people snap back.

  9. Oh yeah, I’ve already gotten eggs thrown at me while I was taking at break on Los Feliz Blvd near Griffith Park. My friend got a bolt/nut thrown at him while riding but thanks to a bad throw they missed him by inches.

  10. Yes, I had a few people yell at me. I had one call me a freak, and another one told me that “there is a sidewalk”. thing is though he pull up beside me in a left hand turning lane, I made a wide left turn to give him room, and I wasn’t even in his way, he had at least on and a half car width to get past me. if he and his friend stopped to yell at me, I would have told him that I and other cyclists has the same right to the road as he does just as long we do not get in the vehicles way. they should read the law about cyclists rights to the road

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