Cyclist hit (?) and injured on Main St in Santa Monica

Cyclist downed on Main St in Santa Monica

I was talking with Mike Feinstein (former mayor of Santa Monica) on Tuesday about a bike related project.  We finished our plans and then we got off the phone and went about our business.  Shortly afterward I miss a call from Mike, and when I listen to the voicemail I find out that he came upon the scene of an accident on Main St. in Santa Monica.

Right outside Bike Attack Mike found paramedics treating an injured spandex rider – he appeared to have a nasty leg break.  Mike has reason to believe that the cyclist was hit by a car.  Whatever the cause – be careful.  Main St. might have a bike lane, but many cyclists have found it to be a dangerous street to ride on.  Dave Benoff (Bikerowave OG), for example, was nearly right hooked and ended up hitting a parked car in order to avoid worse.  In my experience motorists on the street will drift in and out of the bike lane, pull out suddenly, or just turn across your path.

Anyone know anything about the rider?

Alex Thompson

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