Christine Elizabeth Dahab Plows Through 11 Koreatown Riders

Christine Dahab, a 27-year-old motorist, slammed into 11 cyclists on a night time group ride Wednesday night. According to police, the driver is facing felony DUI charges.

UPDATE: Alex T. posted more details, including some explanations on how LAPD tried to shift blame onto the riders.

Facebook photo set by Magnus

ABC 7 coverage:

People were sent flying into the air like rag dolls. (ABC News).

Another witness likened what happened to “a bowling ball knocking down pins
(LA Times Blogs)

To preempt any blame being put on the victims, Sgt Krumer stated that “[the cyclists] are not at fault simply for being out there in the roadway”.

CBS News has more footage of the aftermath:

Christine Dahab's Honda Civic
Christine Dahab's Honda Civic

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18 thoughts on “Christine Elizabeth Dahab Plows Through 11 Koreatown Riders

  1. I have had my problems with these idiots myself in the past.
    The Midnight Ridazz midnight rides are notorious drunken rides through the city at night….a rolling party if you will. As you can see from the photo, and and was reported by police, very few of the bikers had any type of lights or reflectors on their bikes. Not only are they drunk riding, they dont follow traffic rules, they dont ride safely, and they are extremely agressive and threaten auto drivers. I was driving home from work one night after midnight, and saw these same bicyclists terrorize a family in a van that was trying to get an intersection, which they, in their drunken revelry, had blocked with hundreds of bicyclists.
    Its hard enough to see a drunken bicyclist that darts in and out of traffic, riding recklessly….its even harder to see an unlit and unreflectored bike at 2AM.
    Going home from work after midnight, I have encountered several dozen of these fools and had to swerve many a times to avoid hitting a swerving wobbly bicyclist.
    They also do not follow bicycle safety, and are usually found spread all over BOTH sides of the street. This is extremely dangerous to autos, especially after midnight when lighting and vision is compromised.

  2. Oh my gosh! You don’t say?!? Those darned bicyclists…

    So basically all that stuff you just typed is meant to condone the drunk motorist’s actions?

    You do realize that she was going close to 60mph, _admitted_ she was drunk, _admitted_ she was texting, she had 500ft to react to seeing vehicles in the roadway, and that out of that group of 100 cyclists there had to be a considerable amount of folks with their lights on, right? Right?!?

  3. Wow, garagehero, you’re an asshole. No really, you are. You just justified driving into 100 cyclists while drunk and on a cell phone. Wow.

  4. I would rather have a drunk person on a bike than a car any day. At least then when they hit something they stop moving…

  5. …unlike a car that can go through people and bikes leaving the driver safe and sound.

    Remember Santa Monica’s Farmers Market!?!?? Wasn’t a bicyclist that did all that damage!

  6. There was a 16 year old girl that was hit. She is in critical condition and her life will never be the same. Her life for the next year (and possible life)will involve multiple (countless) surgeries if she can make it through the first few days of unmentionable horror that she has experienced. Please pray for the family and the beautiful child that suffers.

  7. LA Metropolitan Courthouse
    July 11th, 2011, 8:30am.

    For those that do choose to attend, be advised that since she’s booked for a misdemeanor, you may have to wait for a while for the more minor infractions before her case gets called up. It could take anywhere up to a year for this to get resolved in the court system.

    We will post updates about Dahab’s case as each court date nears.

    To end on a ray of hope, the youngest rider involved is out of her coma, and Dora is doing better, though still in visible pain.

  8. garagehero u should watch this video..
    i was there .. i wasnt drunk and i wasnt partying.. and im not part of this MIDNIGHTRIDAZZ thing. thats jst a website ..educate urself before u speak and share ur ignorance with the world..recklessness is everywhere.. in drivers.. bikers and even people walking on the street.. we got hit and sent to the hospital by a person who was DRUNK AND TEXTING while driving..its people like yourself that make the world a horrible place .. shame on u.

  9. First, let me say I’m not here to condone the 11 people getting run over is right.

    What I am here to say is that garageHero is merely stating the frustration everyone in Mid Wilshire (Ktown) has with the riders who don’t obey the law. Although no one here commented for garage, I am sure many motorists feel the ambivalence towards the riders as garage does. The riders tend to block traffic, run reds, no signaling, etc., etc., etc. In a city where time and open traffic lanes are of utmost importance, when one cyclists blocks 10+ cars isn’t there common decency for that cyclist to pull over like a car does?

    Maybe if the riders had more respect for the traffic laws and not act like they own then road, then people might feel a little more sympathy for situations such as this as opposed to secretly saying, “They deserved it.” Rant all you want about this post, but keep in mind that you won’t win anybody’s favor by not obeying traffic laws or making sure other riders follow the traffic laws.

  10. It would be ideal if all riders were educated in vehicular cycling, yes.

    BUT. We don’t have an ideal situation here. We are starting with an extremely shittily designed city, and a very flagrantly biased car-centric mindset.

    These young riders wouldn’t be on the street if the city set aside some roadway for cyclists. There are barely any bike lanes mid-city, and zero official bike boulevards or dedicated cycle paths.

    Drivers of cars do not deserve to have priority over more efficient means of transport. Even more guilty than Dahab are the people whole cultivate the attitude that people in cars are somehow more important, for whatever imaginary fabricated reasons. In a city with so little green space, it’s only natural that teenagers will wild the fuck out any chance they get. Can you blame them? Can you imagine growing up in LA and discovering the freedom that a bike brings? These kids flow in and out of motionless traffic on their extremely affordable and ultra efficient vehicles on a daily basis. If they’re reckless, then there may come a time when they will learn their lesson. At least they’re only endangering their OWN life in the process.

    My dear garageDefense, is you really think about it, “any city where time and open traffic lanes are of utmost importance” is an extremely shitty place to live.

  11. Here is a solution.

    Move near UCSB and where riders run amuck. You wanna know why it’s car centric? It’s because even with traffic, it’s the most efficient way to travel. LA economy depends on it. We aren’t NYC or SF where you can get around via Subway, Bike, Bus, etc. Move there. They welcome everything you talk about. We’re Angelinos. We live by our cars. You’re attitude is the exact reason no one will give a damn about the bikers’ cause. Because in LA minds, there are other cities that provide what you seek.

  12. Hello mihai and lilycat, you halfwits. i was not defending reckless driving by anyone. And as it turned out, I was right, you morons!! The girl in question was driving only 30 MPH, the bike riders were stoned, drunk, and spread on both side of the street, concentrated under a non-finctioning street light, and she wasnt texting, and very few, say less than 20% had lights of refelctors on their bikes. In fact, the cops found several dozen beer cans strewen around…fresh beer cans!!! Hey..maybe I’ll go ride MY bike drink beer smoke a joint and go on the freeway and lay down and look at the stars. Then when someone runs me over….I’ll blame the driver……IDIOTS!!!

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