Cathy Jean Jones Felony Hit and Run Case – Update #1

Brittany Norton
The hit and run victim, Brittany Norton

Cathy Jean Jones, 41, of Malibu, struck 28-year old Britanny Norton on the evening of February 1st in a crosswalk on Main Street in Santa Monica, leaving her with severe head trauma, multiple facial fractures, and broken ribs.  Cathy Jones’ van was allegedly traveling at 40mph at the time (the speed limit on Main St is 30mph) as she attempted to “pass a slower moving vehicle by using the bicycle/parking lane“. According to an off-duty firefighter who witnessed the collision, “Brittany Norton (was) spinning in the air after she was struck“.

Jones stopped for a few seconds, then decided to take off, erratically driving down side streets to get away from the scene of the crime.  The off-duty firefighter chased her down and luckily got the license plate, then later identified the culprit once police officers apprehended her in a nearby grocery store parking lot.

Cathy Jean Jones VC 20001A
Cathy Jean Jones charged with Failure to Stop at the Scene of a Collision (VC 20001A)

Jones was charged with leaving the scene of an “accident” aka Hit and Run.

Quick recap of the case:

  • March 5th – Jones enters not guilty plea to Felony Hit and Run with Injury charge
  • Oct 12 – Judge Mader decides there is sufficient evidence to hold Jones to answer before a jury after hearing from two witnesses (including the off-duty firefighter) and the victim
  • Oct 26 – Jones re-arraigned, pleads not guilty again

Another interesting fact about Jones is that she was booked on a few other charges on 10/10/2010 (the same date as CicLAvia) for assault and battery on police officer, resisting arrest, and failure to disperse from unlawful assembly. This was two days before she pleaded not guilty to the hit and run.

The next pre-trial hearing for Cathy Jean Jones is on Jan 6 2011, Dept. F, at the LAX Courthouse (11701 South La Cienega Bl, LA, CA 90045).

The Nortons have set up a support page where folks can help out Brittany and her family.

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