CD 15: Candice Graham, Cyclist Coalition Building Takes Center Stage at Bikeside Speaks!

“Look, there’s no bad part to a bike ride, unless you’re tired. Then it’s uphill from there,” joked CD 15 candidate Candice Graham in September’s Bikeside survey on biking and walking. Graham rides a French racing bike once a week near the Port of Los Angeles and the Harry Bridges Boulevard Buffer Project currently under construction. “I tried personally to get bicycle lockers at the Port so that’s a viable option I would do in San Pedro and throughout CD 15. I do believe that bicycling makes people feel good and helps establish community,” wrote Graham in Bikeside’s survey for CD 15. Graham, who spent summers at UC Davis, shared her vision for a bike friendly CD 15 that “could become a micro Davis. [CD 15] has so many bike areas, scenic areas, and it would be so wonderful to explore the possibilities.”

Graham was one of four CD 15 candidates to sign the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights and take the stage behind 1000 Watts of power at the October 9th CicLAvia Edition of Bikeside Speaks. “We need new ways of making things work. Up north and in other places where they do respond better towards bicycles, they have started educational programs in elementary school through high school. The people in Southern California aren’t respecting [cyclists] because they don’t know. They don’t care,” said Graham when asked by Bikeside’s Stephen Box what it would take to make CD 15 streets bike friendly. “That’s actually what the problems are. That’s why so many bicyclists are hurt every year, because of that. Ignorance is bliss in this city. Occupy LA knows that. All the protestors know that. All the cyclists know that and it’s time for [cyclists] to say you’re fed up and you’re not going to take it any more” added Graham at Bikeside Speaks. You can listen to Graham’s call for action in Enci Box’s embedded video below.

Graham told hundreds of CicLAvia spectators that more bike facilities in CD 15 could lead to more tourism industry jobs because CD 15 is “one of the most beautiful bicycling areas that a bicyclist could ever have. You have rolling hills. You have so many beautiful spots. You have the ocean. You have an invigorating feeling just being there.”

CD 15 Candidate Candice Graham and Stephen Box at Bikeside Speaks. Photo by Enci Box.

Graham reminded cyclists that transforming CD 15 into a bike friendly community will require targeted coalition building. “It’s a trickle down effect. If you guys want something to happen, we have to focus and create it. It’s like one spot. One spot. If you can finish and get CD 15 together, then we can conquer Los Angeles and we can get Los Angeles together, but it doesn’t start without a first step and you guys know that. Dream and you’re dreaming a long time. You’re sleeping a long time. Nothing worse than sleeping on the job. And that’s what Los Angeles has been doing” asserted Graham.

Bikeside President Alex Thompson Welcomes Occupy LA to Bikeside Speaks!

Thank you Candice Graham for signing the Cyclist Bill of Rights, taking Bikeside’s Survey and for advocating for a bike friendly CD 15! Bikeside looks forward to seeing you on the campaign trail, including the October 29th Watts-Willowbrook Community CD 15 Candidate Forum!

"Vote for M. Candice Graham" signs posted throughout San Pedro.

Readers: Join Bikeside to flyer on behalf of the pro-walking and biking candidates of CD 15!  For more information, please contact:  If you’re a cyclist who lives in Council District 15, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 8th! Click HERE to find your polling place!

Occupy LA at LA City Hall.


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