Blood In Ride and Protest – Press Release

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On Tuesday, July 27th, and Friday, July 30th, cyclists will gather at the Beverly Hills Courthouse to protest the tepid sentence handed down by Judge Elden S. Fox for Celine Mahdavi.  Mahdavi hit cyclist Louis Deliz and left him to die in the street on December 1st, 2009; Deliz was hospitalized for 49 days.

Mahdavi pleaded “no contest” to felony hit and run charges and threw herself on the mercy of the court, instead of accepting the plea deal offered by the DA.  Judge Fox gave her 90 days of community service, and 3 years of probation.  Mahdavi will spend less time in community service – 720 hours – than Deliz spent in the hospital – 1176 hours.

Cyclists are calling it the last straw.  Bikeside LA President Alex Thompson said “this sentence is symbolic of the lack of respect cyclists get throughout the justice system.”

Many expressed frustration that Fox made no effort to restrict Mahdavi’s driving privileges, leaving decisions about the status of Mahdavi’s license at the discretion of the DMV.

At both events Bikeside LA will announce a new campaign:  Life before License.  Life before License will specifically address hit and run, seeking state level legislation to change how hit and run is treated by courts.

The Friday protest may be joined by the hundreds of cyclists participating in LA Critical Mass – the ride which recently drew headlines when it clashed with LAPD.  LAPD and riders made peace in June when LAPD facillitated with a large police escort.

Event details:

Tuesday, July 27th, 6:15 pm
Beverly Hills Courthouse
9355 Burton Way
Blood In Press Conference
interviews to follow press conference
open mic available to attendees after press conference

Friday, July 30th, 8:15 pm
Beverly Hills Courthouse
9355 Burton Way
Press Conference
interviews to follow press conference
open mic available to attendees after press conference

Alex Thompson

Bikerowave co-founder, Cyclists' Bill of Rights co-author, President of Bikeside, and Math Phd. HULK SMASH straight from Michigan!

18 thoughts on “Blood In Ride and Protest – Press Release

  1. A felony is a serious offense and community service for a hit and run, with a deadly weapon (car), offense is ludicrous. Even just 30 days in jail would have made a point. Community service and probation is a mild slap on the hand with little or no consequence to the perpetrator. Judge, I don’t know what you were thinking. As a former prosecutor, I’ve seen a lot worse sentencing for a lot less offense.

  2. It was an accident, she didn’t mean to. She was scared. I know this girl and she doesn’t deserve to be in jail with violent criminals and bad people. Bicyclists, on the other hand, are the ones who need to be reformed because they are so careless and are unaware most of the time; going on their merry way and getting into our lanes. The street was made for CARS, not BIKES!!

  3. Wow KM, your statement is exactly the kind of self-entitled mentality that gets bicyclists maimed and killed. If your friend had an ounce of moral in her blood she would have STOPPED instead of leaving a victim bleeding to death on the street. This story would have turned out very differently. Please can it with your ‘made for cars’ mentality and ‘getting into your lanes,’ and educate yourself on the rights of bicyclists in the road. Or maybe you just skipped that part in the DMV handbook? If licensing was as strict in the states as it is in other countries, you and your friend wouldn’t be able to come near a license with a 10 foot pole. Cry me a river.

  4. KM you are an idiot. If you were in a car wreck I guarantee any nearby cyclist would stop and help in any way they could. Your friend who didn’t stop after hitting the cyclist deserves nothing but contempt and I hope she receives it for the rest of her life. So instead of making excuses for her pathetic behavior try educating yourself before you open your mouth.

  5. “It was an accident, she didn’t mean to.”

    She accidentally left the scene, she didn’t mean to?

    The streets weren’t made for immoral scum, that’s for sure — you and your friend don’t belong on them.

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