Bikeside slate goes undefeated in West LA NC elections

By Alex Thompson
Election results for Mar Vista Community Council

Election results for Mar Vista Community Council

Bikeside endorsed six candidates for positions in the recent Neighborhood Council elections in West LA.  All six candidates faced challengers, and all six candidates won!  (Incidentally, I also won the Community Director position at Mar Vista Community Council, but I was unopposed, so we didn’t do an endorsement.)

In the most hotly contested race in West LA, Bikeside endorsed Linda Lucks for President of Venice Neighborhood Council, and she won, 719 to 378 over write-in candidate James Hubbard.  Kristopher Valentine, endorsed by Bikeside for an At-Large Community Officer position (top 13 win, in a field of 29), was the 7th highest vote getter with 43 votes, and won a seat.

Bikeside endorsed newcomers Aric Gregson and Xochitl Gonzalez in the West LA Neighborhood Council race for At-Large positions.  Aric and Xochitl earned the 1st and 2nd highest vote totals with 44 and 46 votes respectively; the next highest vote getter earned 26 votes.  Dominate!

Finally, in Mar Vista, Bikeside endorsed two candidates for At-Large seats (top 6 win in a field of 9) who couldn’t lose – Sharon Commins, the popular chair of the Planning and Land Use Committee, and Albert Olson, the current chair of the MVCC.  Albert and Sharon won comfortably with 277 and 304 votes respectively (it took 200) to win.

Unfortunately, we failed to get an endorsement done for avid cyclist John Kutcha, another At-Large candidate for MVCC.  He missed winning.  Next time around we’ll have to get him a seat at the table.

Big ups to all our candidates.  Bikeside was happy to work with you and glad you accepted our endorsement!  Many thanks to all the cyclists who came out and voted!  Now everyone go forth and bike!

There’s still Neighborhood Council elections going on around the city, so if you know a candidate who is bike friendly, and they would like an endorsement, connect us –

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5 Responses to “Bikeside slate goes undefeated in West LA NC elections”

  1. Great job. Congrats.

  2. Great work, Alex! Congrats! Now the real work begins. :-)

  3. alex,

    as community director, what will your primary responsibilities be?

  4. Congrats!! Now the westside will have plenty of bike friendly policy makers..rawk…

  5. David,

    I dunno man. Honestly, it’s just a board seat. I might end up as Treasurer . . . we’ll see. At some level, I think I have an obligation to get to know Mar Vistans really really well.

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