Bikerowave has moved to 12255 Venice Blvd!

By Alex Thompson

Bikerowave 3.0 opening group shot

Did you notice a shift, maybe a change in your mood lately?  Whether you knew the source or not, you’re feeling happier because Bikerowave has moved to a new location – 12255 Venice Blvd – an awesome improvement over the last location.  Bikerowave 3.0 is here!

We’re in a real neighborhood now – one that represents all that is LA, it’s good and bad:

Matthew Moore visits the new Bikerowave

It’s been a lot of hard work getting here:

Erock scrapes the old floor off the new Bikerowave

(photo by Deborah Famiglietti)

And sometimes it’s been stressful:

Kwang stressed out while making the new Bikerowave’s benches

But in the end it’s proved worth it – we’ve got some dope new energy, and we’re living in the future:

Bikerowave painting by Daniel Hope Edwards

(artwork by Daniel Hope Edwards)

Now we’ve got some amazing neighbors.   Across the street is LA’s finest fixie boutique – LA Brakeless – and their crew of amazing trick riders:

George of LA Brakeless wheelies uphill at the Bikerowave 3.0 opening

A guitar shop, Timewarp Music, with over 200 guitars:

Timewarp Music sign

And on our left, the Good Hurt:

Good Hurt nightclub sign

They do this on Monday nights:

Pole dancing at the Good Hurt

While we get down, lights off, disco ball on, all bikes on deck:

Disco party at Bikerowave 3.0

Come down and visit – it’s flat, there’s a huge bike lane, the beach is down the street, and we’re real.  It’s Bike Land!

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