BikeCar Stolen!

The steel beast that brought the F.U.N. to so many rides is no more.  The pedal-powered 4-seater that brought smiles to so many faces. Gone it is, as of 10pm today, Monday April 27th, from its parking spot in Santa Monica…

Yes, it was unlocked, but it still must have taken at least 2 people to hoist onto a truck.  This has been reported to the Santa Monica Police Department, but we can’t expect much out of them.  If you live on the Westside and have had your bike stolen, it’s about time to set up a sting of our own.

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Mihai Peteu

Software Developer, Bike Safety Instructor, Amateur triathlete

11 thoughts on “BikeCar Stolen!

  1. ^ hehe, probably. Anyways on a serious note do you know that it was put into a truck? or could it be possible that a hobo posse came hoped in and rode off with it.

    Mihai, email me or hit me up on facebook. Lets get the bikecar back!

  2. For the record, it was not a prank, clearly someone with a truck. There is a bike just outside my apt complex with a 1.5 inch thick cable that was tampered with, but they probably couldn’t cut through it w/ a bolt cutter. Also, the driver’s side had no pedals, it would be tough to ride away.

    It’s a couple of bastards w/ a truck or large van. If you live on the Westside, it’s time for a sting op.

  3. probably some high school kids hopped in it, rode it to their house and left it in their back yard

  4. that sucks. i was just talking about the bike car this weekend and how i was using it as inspiration for a bike/bed to take to burning man. good luck on tracking it down.

  5. Was it a Black Bike Hummer that ran over other Bikes while turning a corner and dragging them blocks away?

    and then getting let go after a Cho let them go? I mean Cop.

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