AT on Critical Mass, LAPD Involvement, Encouraging New Riders, and the Future

This is an oldie, but a goodie. The interviewee rambles at times, but does make some coherent points, as outlined in the list of timestamps below. Memorable quotables included.

Topic timestamps

  • 0:00 – LA Critical Mass escort: LAPD’s role, corking

    “Come out and ride before you criticize”

  • 1:45 – How to minimize motorist aggression during LACM, Road use: safety vs. convenience

    “Have the courage of your convictions to see whether it’s a worthwhile endeavor”

  • 3:37 – Future of bike community in Los Angeles, political access, gaining trust

    “There’s so much energy[…]”

  • 4:30 – Ride attendance, increasing ridership on Venice Bl

    “If you double or triple the amount of riders on Venice Bl, you start to see that packing phenomemon”

  • 5:50 – Youngsters on bikes, educating upcoming generation of riders, learning from experience

    “If they’re at a ride where adult stuff is going on[…]”

  • 7:40 – Difference in mentality between LA and NY

    “My dad jaywalked right in front of New York PD”

  • 9:20 – To be or not to be – the Helmet question

    “Sometimes it’s nice to feel that air across your skull”

  • 11:00 – How to digitally stalk AT

    “I’ll have that email forever”

Mihai Peteu

Digital decathlete, experienced vehicular cyclist, aspiring triathlete.

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