20 Questions for 20 Council District 15 Candidates

By Heidi Sickler

Bikeside has invited candidates of the November 8, 2011 Special Primary election for the Council District 15 seat to take our online biking survey.  The survey data will help us engage the 20 candidates in a conversation about their vision for improving cycling conditions for all Angelenos.  In May 2011, nine of the sixteen candidates for the CA-36 Congressional Candidate Survey responded to Bikeside’s Survey on Biking and Walking, including the major frontrunners Debra Bowen, Janice Hahn, Marcy Winograd and Mayor Mike Gin.  There was unanimous support among all nine candidates for improving cycling conditions in Southern California and expanding CicLAvia!

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We encourage all candidates to participate in the October 9th CicLAvia!  Thousands of cyclists, runners, walkers and skaters will descend upon the new 10.5-mile route from all areas of Southern California.  In April, CicLAvia attracted over 100,000 participants.  This October 9th, the expanded 10.5-mile route is expected to generate a record turnout!

Field of candidates for the LA City Council District 15 race

LA City Council District 15 Candidates from Left to Right: Justin I Brimmer (D), LAPD Officer Joe Buscaino (D), DeWayne Stark (D), Gordon Teuber (R), Jayme Wilson, Assemblymember Warren Furutani (D), Rebecca Chambliss, Robert Farrell (D), John Delgado, UFLA President Pat McOsker (D), Walter Tayes (R), Mark Contreras, John Mavar, Kambiz Mostofi (D), Rudy Svorinich, Jr. (R), John Pereyda (R). We were unable to find photos for: M. "Candice" Graham, James T. Law, Emery D. Soos, Timothy "Dream" Weaver.

If you are wondering why there is a City Council race during a non-election year, Janice Hahn (D-CA), the former Councilmember for Council District 15, was recently elected to the 36th Congressional District seat.  This left her seat open, so a special election must be held to fill her seat.

Council District 15 encompasses the communities of San Pedro, Watts, Wilmington, North and South Harbor Gateway and the Port of Los Angeles.  The 20 candidates listed below are running for the open Los Angeles City Council seat.  If more than 50% of the vote does not go to any one candidate, the top two vote-getters of any political party, will advance to the January 17, 2012 runoff.  Among those seeking the seat are ten Democrats, five Republicans, and five candidates with no identified party preference. We have included the names and background of each candidate below along with a link to the survey. The survey includes questions on bicycle infrastructure, safety, enforcement, and education.

If you’d like to see the full version of the survey that candidates are taking, download the LA Council District 15 survey (pdf.)  Otherwise, you can see the questions (though not the multiple choice answers for some questions) at the end of this post.

We will be inviting the winner(s) of the November 8, 2011 Special Primary to participate in a follow-up survey if there is a January 2012 runoff.  If you would like to recommend questions for the January survey, please submit your comments and questions to Bikeside at Contact@BikesideLA.org or in the comments.

Candidates for the Council District 15 Seat

Justin Brimmer, Former Legislative and Policy Deputy to former CD 15 Councilmember Janice Hahn
Joe Buscaino, Harbor Area LAPD Senior Lead Officer
Robert Farrell, Former CD 8 Councilmember and West LA College Professor
Warren Furutani, California State Assemblymember for the 55th District
M. “Candice” Graham, Community Activist and Businesswoman
James T. Law, Minister and Disability Advocate
Pat McOsker, President of United Firefighters of LA
Kambiz Mostofi, Education Activist and Entrepreneur
DeWayne Stark, Retired Businessman
Timothy Weaver, Actor and Director

Frank Pereyda, Businessman
Emery Soos, Businessman
Rudy Svorinich, Jr., Former CD 15 Councilmember and Owner of Government Relations Firm
Walter Tayes, Truck Driver for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Gordon Teuber, Former Economic Advisor to CD 15 Councilmember Janice Hahn

Rebecca Chambliss, Penninsula Sotheby’s International Realtor
Mark Contreras, Laborer and Youth Advocate
John Delgado, Businessman
John Mavar, Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council Activist
Jayme Wilson, Former President of the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce and
Honorary LA Fire Chief

Survey Questions

1) Please enter your name.

2) How often do you bike?

3) What’s the best part of your bike rides? What’s the worst? How can we cultivate more of the good and less of the bad?

4) In Bikeside’s recent survey, 70% of respondents (386 out of 552) say that Los Angeles is not bike friendly. Generally speaking, what do you see as the obstacles to CD 15 becoming bike friendly?

5) Which components of the 2010 LA Bike Plan do you plan to implement in CD 15 to make streets safer and more inviting for cyclists?

6) Are there areas of your district that are bike friendly?

7) What aspects of those bike friendly streets can you cultivate in other areas?

8) What will you do to ensure that the City of Los Angeles coordinates with Carson, Compton, Torrance, LA County, and other adjoining jurisdictions to improve bike friendliness?

9) As Councilmember, will you direct LADOT to expeditiously implement the Bike Plan’s Backbone Bikeways Network (BBN) in CD 15, including bike facilities on Vermont Avenue, the Pacific Coast Highway, Anaheim Street, Gaffey Street, Del Amo Boulevard, Imperial Highway and Manchester Avenue? Please visit http://labikeplan.com/maps.html to view these BBN segments.

10) Will you direct the LADOT General Manager and Bikeways staff to report back to City Council on a monthly basis with Bike Plan implementation status reports, including the number of miles installed, cost per mile and funding sources?

11) Do you think that bike lanes should require environmental review?

12) In your view, what are the pros and cons of Caltrans’ current methodology for setting speed limits?

13) LAPD staff assigned to bicycle safety and traffic enforcement are stretched very thin. Will you support allocating more resources for LAPD to improve traffic safety conditions for cyclists?

14) What have you done or worked on in the past that shows your record of being involved in Safe Streets campaigns? Please elaborate.

15) What do you think should be the role of Neighborhood Councils in transportation policy?

16) Do you support expanding CicLAvia’s 10.5-mile route to 15 or 20 miles?

17) Will you join Bikeside at the October 9th CicLAvia?

18) After taking this survey, what do you think about LA and cycling? Does it seem like a more challenging question or easier? Has your perspective changed?

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